Qatar World Cup Spotlights Health Risks of Heavy Work in High Temperatures

Medical professionals warn that as climate change leads to longer and more frequent heatwaves, the number of people suffering from kidney disease will increase

Pharma Firm Aim to Reboot Uruguay’s Cannabis Industry

Growing legalization of cannabis across the world is expected to spur pharmaceutical companies to develop medicines from the plant

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The carmaker is already backing similar institutions in the Czech Republic and Germany

Hispanic, Black People Among Most Often Infected Without Covid Shots, Study Says

Younger, less-educated, Hispanic and Black people were most likely to have been infected with Covid-19 without having been vaccinated, according to a government study that highlights continuing disparities in immunization rates

Citrus Disease in Florida Stalks Brazil’s Crop, Pressures Orange Juice Prices

Citrus greening, a fatal illness that causes fruits to get smaller, fall off trees and produce bitter juice, is spreading across the nation that produces over 70% of the world’s orange juice

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