Línea Studios is the in-house sponsored content studio from Bloomberg Línea. A team of professional marketers creating multiplatform sponsored content experiences for advertisers in different languages and regions.

We empower brands, advertising and PR agencies with clever solutions and custom insights. Our projects have a data-driven approach that drives solid business results.

Your concept, our expertise.


Viewers per branded

Live streams


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Viewers per branded content webseries episode


Views per month on TikTok and Reels

Webseries and videocasts

Bloomberg Línea web series are a great way to develop a relationship with the audience by creating highly engaging editorial content featuring your brand's sponsorship.

+0viewers per episode

Ultra qualified audience, can be segmented by industry and region.

Podcast ads

Be part of the daily life of your target audience by having your brand on some of the most listened to podcasts in Brazil and México, Colombia and Argentina.

Live Streams

Sponsored Livestreams are a means to reach audiences of millions across markets. Our team takes care of all the conception, production, and distribution for your brand's voice to be heard.

Branded Content experiences

Branded content articles convey your brand's message with an informative touch and are crafted by our team of content producers and developers. From interactive experiences to content series the team takes care of production and amplification of the content piece.

Live Events

We have the expertise and resources to take your ideas off the paper and create an unique in-person event experience for qualified audiences, in premium locations around Latin America.







Partner Highlight and Product placement opportunities for brands

Tiktok & Reels

Get the attention and engage with audiences from all age groups in an innovative way via our team of creators, developing special branded content that is up to date with internet trends.

E-commerce hubs and
Custom Mini Sites

For e-commerce companies looking to sell online, from industries such as Travel and Retail, we have the right commercial solution for your brand by combining a powerful and engaged audience with quality branded content in a conversion hub. These sponsored hubs can feature on site search engines, branded content articles and a whole range of custom features.

Travel industry example

Content Solutions

We can partner with your team to create and manage custom content for your brand. These curated content feature premium branded stories, with your brand's voice in mind.

Special projects

Customized, tailor-made special projects based on your brand's strategy.

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* Disclaimer: branded content and editorial content are differentiated.