Amazon Partners Up with Vrio to Launch Satellite Internet Across South America

La empresa del Grupo Werthein firmó un acuerdo con el gigante tech estadounidense y comenzará a comercializar la red de banda ancha de Project Kuiper

“Javier Milei Has Made All the Right Noises,” Says Aarna Holdings’ Ameya Prabhu

Prabhu, who also heads the Indian Chamber of Commerce, spoke to Bloomberg Línea about his partnership with Grupo Werthein to invest in Latin America

Sheinbaum’s Congressional Landslide Win Shakes Mexican Markets Even as Ramírez de la O Stays On

While Claudia Sheinbaum’s presidential win was anticipated, analysts say the markets were unprepared for Morena’s overwhelming majority in Congress

Majority of Relative Price Adjustments Are Complete in Argentina, Says Former Finance Secretary

The Javier Milei administration should muster a return to international debt markets in 2025, Daniel Marx, executive director of Quantum Finanzas, told Bloomberg Línea in an interview

High Rates, Fiscal Uncertainty Seen as Frustrating Brazil’s M&A Bounceback

Carlos Lima, partner at the M&A-focused law firm, Pinheiro Neto, told Bloomberg Línea companies are still proceeding with caution and that there are still many distressed operations