Startups in Games, Education, Construction, Workshops Secure New Funding

This week, Latin American startups Mecanizou, Cometa, Jungle and Makasi received capital

Faulty Credits Tarnish South Pole’s Billion-Dollar Carbon Offsets

South Pole, the world’s leading purveyor of offsets, is facing allegations that it exaggerated climate claims around its forest-protection projects. The uncertainty could influence how legions of companies try to slash their emissions

Corporate VC Seen as Option for Global, Latin Startups Due to Current Banking Crisis

Femsa Ventures was the sixth largest startup investor in Mexico in 2022, according to Transactional Track Record data

Petrobras Is Ready to Be World’s Last Oil Producer, CEO Prates Says

Over the last 20 years, Brazil has emerged as a major oil producer, diverging from many of its Latin American peers

Who Controls the Shares of Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s Companies?

The stocks of the Mexican tycoon’s companies are heavily concentrated by a handful of individual and institutional investors

How Uruguay Became One of Tesla’s South American Capitals

JBS, Minerva, Marfrig Shares Jump as China Resumes Brazil Beef Imports

How China, US, Norway Played Down a Critical UN Climate Document

SoftBank Sees a Wave of Latin IPOs, Including Kavak, Rappi, Creditas, Madeira Madeira

Why Latino Inclusion in U.S. VC Funds Is Not Taking Off: Study

Ford Gets Closer to Revealing Big Losses From EV Business

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