US Recession: Biggest Risk for Latin America’s Economies In Second Half of 2023

Mexico and Colombia could begin to see interest-rate cuts in early 2024, although they may come sooner amid signs of an economic slowdown in the United States, according to S&P Global Ratings

Chilean and Colombian Stock Markets See Strong Gains; NYSE Continues to Climb

Chile’s and Colombia’s markets closed with gains of more than 2%, while the NYSE also closed with a strong advance on Friday

Venezuela’s Democratic Setback Is Real and Has Caused a Humanitarian Crisis, US Claims

Bloomberg Línea talked to the Department of State about the meeting between presidents Lula and Maduro, with the former having claimed that accusations of human rights violations in Venezuela are “part of a narrative”

Rounds of the Week: Healthcare, Education and Software Startups Raise ‘Up Rounds’

Brazilian startups Digibee and Sami received up rounds, with higher valuations, while Academy Abroad also secured funding this week

Rich Latin Americans Investing In Real Estate Are Turning Madrid Into a New Miami

Luxury property prices are soaring in the Spanish capital and its high-dining scene is abuzz with activity.

Citigroup’s CEO Jane Fraser Says Banamex IPO Is Best Path for Shareholders

Six Scams to Avoid In the US Visa Application Process

Hispanic Birth Rate Accounts for More than 25% of Total In US

Argentina Signs Deal to Expand Currency Swap Line With China to $10 Billion

Youngest Population In US Is Latino, Census Data Show

TV Azteca’s Shares Suspended from Mexican Stock Exchange


With Peso Pluma, Mexican Music Is Taking Over the World

Reggaeton, Spanish-language rap and pop remain at the top of the charts year after year, while increasingly, another genre has also been on the rise: Mexican music, or Música Mexicana

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