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Carbone Miami.

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One of the top 30 restaurants to do business in Latin America

Why choose it: This is the Miami branch of the famous Italian restaurant in Manhattan and this north-south combination is evident in everything: from the decoration to the menu. In other words, Carbone is a glamorous New York spot in the heart of Miami Beach. If you can make a reservation for the time and day you want (yes, Carbone is very popular), the reward will be a totally enriching experience, from the moment you order your starter to the moment you order dessert. The cuisine, evidently Italian-American, offers dishes conceived in the old continent with robust overtones.

Business tips: While Carbone requires a lot of planning (and dressing appropriately, like the regulars and celebrities in attendance), the restaurant offers a great opportunity to close that business deal that took a while to land. When making a reservation, the reason should be clearly explained, as the staff is very diligent and tries to accommodate both large tables and couples celebrating something.

Average cost per person (without drinks): USD 62.

Address: 49 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL, 33139