Dashi Sushi (Palacio Alcorta)

Buenos Aires | Argentina

Dashi Sushi

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One of the top 30 restaurants to do business in Latin America

Why choose it: Since 2000, Dashi Sushi has been offering a selection of sushi and Asian and Peruvian fusion specialties that no discerning executive who likes Japanese food can resist. Although it has several locations, the one located in the traditional Palacio Alcorta attracts all types of executives, although it is the youngest amongst them who are attracted by the gastronomic offering, and which is why founders of the country’s most successful startups are the most assiduous attendees.

Business tips: The place is spacious, which provides discretion, but also invites casual meetings and networking since it has a capacity for 120 diners. Its architecture is sophisticated, with transparent panels and dominated by the color red, contrasting with the black furniture. It is also divided into sections, which resemble Japanese dining rooms and allow for relaxed business meetings.

Average cost per person (without drinks): ARS$9,100 (USD 45).

Location: 3399 Presidente Figueroa Alcorta Avenue, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.