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One of the top 30 restaurants to do business in Latin America

Why choose it: One of the most-valued neighborhoods in São Paulo for its mansions and curvy, tree-lined streets, Jardim Europa is home to one of the city’s best-rated Japanese restaurants, although it is not located in the famous Liberdade neighborhood, the city’s reference point for the Japanese expat community. Ohkinha also features an indoor flower garden and a dark starry ceiling in the lounge, which helps create a serene and tranquil atmosphere, ideal for business lunches or dinners.

Business tip: Ohkinha’s menu includes sashimi served on salt stone, a local favorite; sushi with foie gras, as well as marinated salmon carpaccio and jumbo crabs (king crab, spider crab). Diners have the option of sitting at the counter to watch the preparation by the sushimen team. The drink menu is known for its gin and tonic, especially the Beefeater.

Average cost per person (without drinks) is R$ 200 (USD 40).

Address: Rua Sabuji, 40, Jardim Europa, São Paulo - SP.