Ariel Grunkraut

Brazil | CEO | BK Brasil

Ariel Grunkraut
September 17, 2023 | 07:00 PM

Ariel Grunkraut is CEO of Zamp, a restaurant operator responsible for the Burger King and Popeye’s chains in Brazil. The executive is one of the seven founding partners of BK Brasil, a joint venture formed in 2011 through an investment by Vinci Partners with American Restaurant Brands International, owner of the fast food brand. In 2022, BK Brasil changed its name to Zamp. Grunkraut, who previously served as vice president of marketing, took over as CEO in 2023 from Iuri Miranda. In the past year, the company has focused on expanding its own restaurants and through franchising, as well as growing the Popeye’s chain. The company expects to operate 1,000 restaurants by the first quarter of 2023.

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