Daniel Baima

México | President | AmCham, Constellation Brands México

Daniel Baima
September 17, 2023 | 07:00 PM

In just a few months, Daniel Baima’s public profile has skyrocketed. The president of Constellation Brands went from being an almost unwavering ally of the Mexican government, which cancelled the very advanced construction of a plant in the northern state of Baja California to force the company to build it in Veracruz, to a pragmatic executive who was able to channel that situation toward success. The Veracruz plant will be operational by 2024 and is part of the company’s plan to increase its beer production by 50%, from 400 million to 600 million cases per year. With this, Constellation Brands wants to strengthen its capacity to export beers from Grupo Modelo’s portfolio to the United States. In that market, Modelo Especial surpassed this year the iconic Bud Light as the best-selling beer and Corona continues in the top three of imported beers in the U.S. Thus, Baima consolidates his position as Constellation Brands’ most important executive. As icing on the cake for his development this year, Baima was also elected president of AmCham Mexico, the lobby that concentrates more than 75% of foreign direct investment in the country.

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