Guillermo Bueso

Honduras | Executive President | Banco Atlántida

Guillermo Bueso
By Bloomberg Línea
September 17, 2023 | 07:09 PM

In 2010, he assumed the executive presidency of Banco Atlántida, founded in 1913. Under his leadership, the institution has remained among the leading banks in assets, savings, loans, profits, investments and insurance. In addition, he made it the first bank in the country to exceed 100 billion lempiras ($4.06 billion) in deposits and loans, and a pioneer in the issuance of investment funds in El Salvador. In November 2022, EXIM Bank provided a $52 million loan guarantee to JP Morgan, which is financing Banco Atlantida’s purchase of $31 million of U.S. equipment for a 53.4 MW solar power project in Honduras. The transaction is the largest solar project that EXIM has financed in the Americas.

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