Unleash your adventurous spirit in our Oriente Salvaje

Paradise beaches just for you. Incredible mountains with spectacular landscapes. Welcome to the east of El Salvador. Enjoy it Las Flores beach, in San Miguel to El Golfo de Fonseca and the beautiful islands in La Unión. Also, don’t miss the imposing Conchagua volcano.

Explora el Oriente Salvaje
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A country with a rich biodiversity. Lush forest, water births and a unique flora and fauna. El Salvador has many destinations and natural areas to discover. This small but diverse country offers a multitude of unique opportunities to explore its stunning natural landscapes, interact with local communities and unleash your inner explorer.

For adrenaline-seekers, Oriente Salvaje offers a plethora of heart-pounding activities that will push your limits. Strap on your hiking boots and take on challenging trails, conquering steep inclines and overcoming obstacles to reach hidden waterfalls and serene swimming holes.

But the adventures don’t end there. Oriente Salvaje is home to an abundance of diverse wildlife, providing a rare opportunity for animal enthusiasts to observe creatures in their natural habitats. Conchagua, for example, is a very small town located on the slopes of the volcano that bears the same name. It is located in the eastern zone of the country, in the department of La Unión.

The East It stands out for being one of the most attractive destinations in the country for tourists. Among the main places to visit is the Conchagua volcano, for hikers and photo taking at the viewpoints with panoramic views of the Golfo de Fonseca, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Explora el Oriente Salvajedfd

The Golfo de Fonseca is formed by the Pacific Ocean. The main attraction is the astonishing and breathtaking view that allows you to appreciate islands seen in the Pacific Ocean. The heart of the site houses an imposing volcanic archipelago and the islands Meanguera, Meanguerita, Conchaguita, Punta Zacate or Zacatillo, among others.

The Gulf can be visited by boat, a service offered by locals where you can depart from its traditional ‘Muelle de La Unión’ or ‘Muelle Los Coquitos’. At this site, you can learn about history like Conchaguita Island. Here you can see the door of the church of Santa Ana de Teca, built in the 16th century by the friars under the order of San Francisco.

San Miguel is renowned for its stunning beaches, where natural beauty meets a vibrant community culture. If you are looking for sun and beach, Punta Mango is an amazing destination. A deserted beach just for you. A mythical place known only to a lucky few. If you consider yourself an adventurous surfer and explorer, who likes adrenaline, you cannot miss riding the waves of Punta Mango.

Also, splash into the tranquil waters of the El Cuco Beach, offering a perfect escape to enjoy the relaxing sounds of waves. Nearby you’ll find La Unión, a quiet gem of the Eastern edge, home to a splendid coastline scenery – from the black sandy beaches of Playa Tamarindo to the peaceful Playa El Espino.

Explora el Oriente Salvajedfd

Immerse yourself in their rich traditions, taste authentic flavors of Salvadoran cuisine, and learn about their spiritual connection to the land. These encounters will leave lasting impressions, offering a deeper understanding of the beauty and diversity of El Salvador.

The visitors can explore delightful rural towns that showcase the diverse history and culture of El Salvador. Make a stop at Perquín, a mountain town that’s now a peaceful hub that played an important role of the country’s civil war. There, visitors can learn about the town’s past and present. This is a mandatory stop on your visit to Morazán.

San Miguel is a modern city, with a great variety of tourist and gastronomic offerings, somewhat exotic, where you can taste the “garrobo” or clear iguana broth and the famous stuffed bread. This municipality is the home of the traditional San Miguel Carnival being held every year on the last weekend of November and floods its streets with orchestras where the colorful parade goes by.

Our Oriente Salvaje is an adventure seeker’s dream, where one can immerse themselves in nature, culture, and history. From the sparkling beaches of San Miguel to the breathtaking mountains of Morazán, this region is sure to astound and delight visitors with its diversity and wild spirit. Plan your journey to the Wild East and experience its charm.