Bloomberg Línea Announces Launch of In-House Studio to Create Sponsored Campaigns in Spanish and Portuguese

Data show 22% higher consumer engagement rates on branded content compared to traditional formats

Bloomberg Línea, the leading finance and business news platform in Spanish and Portuguese, announces another exclusive launch, Línea Studios.

The launch of a hub specialized in sponsored content responds to the growing demand for creative and personalized advertising formats in multiple languages. The brand, which debuted in August 2021 and serves audiences across Latin America, has already achieved several milestones: content reaching more than 25 million people per month, with 3.5 million monthly readers on its websites, more than 600,000 followers on its social media channels, and more than 220k subscribers to its sites.

You can access the hub here (EN) and here (SP)

The in-house studio will focus on the production of webseries, customized live streams, online and IRL events, product placements, branded content articles, customized podcast series and podcast ads, among other digital products. To that end, it will work with a team of experts in digital marketing and experienced content creators, who are always in tune with the latest market trends.A study by the Local Media Association found 22% higher engagement rates on branded content compared to other formats such as display media. This means that more and more consumers are choosing to engage with sponsored content that offers entertainment value and increased relevance.

For the COO of Bloomberg Línea, Kaio Philipe, this is a great differential offered by Línea Studios. “Branded content is gaining more and more space worldwide. Marketers are looking for more efficient and organic ways to reach audiences, opting for experiences that enhance customer relationships, are brand safe and avoid traditional advertising formats, which, despite still being important, are proven to have less efficiency within the consumer journey”. “There is no one-size-fits-all anymore. In the past, a TV ad would reach 90% of your target audience. These days, when it comes to content, brands need to adapt their communication to reach different demographics and audiences,” Philipe explains.

Línea Studios uses a “squad” model, in which a unique team of experts is assigned according to the project in order to make ideas come to life, taking care of the entire content production flow, from conception, through production, to distribution.

Among the more than 50 advertisers on Bloomberg Línea are market leaders such as Bradesco, Cartier, Nasdaq, Itaú, Nubank, XP, JBS and Binance, as well as influential brands from various sectors. As an example, Itaú Bank, Brazil’s most valuable brand according to market research firm Brand Finance, and listed on the New York Stock Exchange, had significant “out of the box” results with branded content solutions produced by Línea Studios. As an example, the bank chose to co-create content to promote the bank’s new investment brand, íon Itaú. Weekly branded content videos were created and produced by a team of in-house creators and have surpassed two million views in 2 months. The successful case was presented at one of the biggest marketing events in Latin America, MMA Innovate 2022.

Línea Studios achieved success with the webseries Casa de Negócio$ (‘House of Business’), which brought together industry thought leaders to discuss their careers from companies such as Google, Microsoft and WeWork. The first season of Casa de Negócio$ was sponsored by Airbnb.

Additionally, Línea Studios was responsible for producing Bloomberg Línea’s first in-person event in Latin America, Bloomberg Línea Summit, held on September 14 at the Rosewood hotel in São Paulo. The event was sponsored by JBS and Nasdaq, and was attended by a highly discerning audience with more than 50 companies attending, including 75 C-Level executives.