Newsletters: Over 320,000 Daily Readers and a 50% Open Rate

Surpassing Local Media Peers: Bloomberg Linea’s Daily Email Newsletters Usher in a New Era of Growth

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Since its inception in August 2021, Bloomberg Linea has redefined standards in digital content. A hallmark of the brand’s success is its remarkable daily newsletter statistics, with over 600,000 subscribers receiving informative newsletters daily.

As of December 2023, over 320,000 people have opened these newsletters daily, according to data from Piano, an analytics CRM tool. The brand is adding over 50,000 new monthly subscribers, establishing itself as a go-to daily source for unbiased, data-driven facts.

The appeal of Bloomberg Linea lies in the diversity of its content. The brand offers a variety of specialized newsletters, including “Breakfast” and “Línea de Partida” for essential daily updates, “Afterhours” and “Oso Toro” focusing on market closings, “Linha Executiva” with weekend business and lifestyle insights, and the recently added “Bloomberg Agro Linea,” dedicated to Brazil’s agribusiness sector.

“Our products are a bridge connecting consumers to the heart of global events,” says Kaio Philipe, COO and co-founder of Bloomberg Línea. “Our commitment to quality, data-driven content is the cornerstone of our growth and the trust our audience and advertisers place in us every day.”

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Upholding Excellence in a Competitive Inbox

In the competitive world of mass media, Bloomberg Linea stands out by consistently maintaining an open rate that surpasses the 35% market average. Its newsletters engage with thousands of people daily, commanding an audience larger than many linear TV channels. This outstanding performance results from captivating subjects and top-tier content, underpinned by a relentless commitment to detail. The newsletters have become part of many reader’s daily routines, building a loyal audience. The team’s dedication to enhancing the newsletters’ open rates and expanding the reader base each week is evident. Bloomberg Linea’s commitment to delivering quality content positions it as a leading voice in business and finance media, providing readers with comprehensive and insightful coverage of global events.