The 100 Most Innovative People in Latin America in 2023

December 12, 2023 | 09:39 AM

Press Release — The 100 Most Innovative People in Latin America 2023 list celebrates industry leaders and visionaries who have significantly transformed daily lives. Curated by Bloomberg Línea’s editorial team from over 12 countries, the list spotlights the region’s potential and creativity across multiple sectors. The innovators featured, including entrepreneurs, technology pioneers, influential artists, and leaders in finance, healthcare, and environmental sustainability, symbolize the innovative spirit and dynamic talent found throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

This list highlights the growing impact of innovative developments in various industries, including AI, media, arts, sustainability, and finance. These advancements show resilience and improve efficiency and productivity, significantly boosting the economic landscape. This reflects a strong socio-economic influence across various regional sectors, a result of concerted efforts from private and public initiatives.

The top 100 most innovative individuals list features outstanding personalities from over 20 countries, showcasing the region’s broad range of talent. Notable figures include Roberto Campos Neto, President of the Brazilian Central Bank, known for his pioneering work on the PIX payment system. In the finance sector, João Vitor Menin from Banco Inter (Brazil/US) is recognized for driving significant changes in digital banking. Additionally, the list pays tribute to influential cultural figures, like the world-renowned DJ Vintage Culture (Brazil), the acclaimed Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, and visionary leaders such as Lëmnec Tiller Avellaneda, CEO and Cofounder of Wayuuda in Colombia, and Juan Manuel Baretto, Coradir CEO (Argentina). The compilation also shines a light on prominent figures in health and science, like Graciella Carrillo, CEO and CoFounder of Clinicbox in Mexico, as well as key private sector leaders, including Hugo Barra (Brazil) of biotech firm Detect and Celia Goldstein (Brazil), General Manager for Amazon Ads. Other notable inclusions are Humberto Ramos (Mexico) of Marvel Comics, famous for his Spider-Man drawings, and Cathy Hackl (Costa Rica), a leading advisor in emerging technologies. Check out the complete list in Spanish and Portuguese.

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