54D, Miami’s High-End Fitness Studio, Expands Throughout the U.S.

54 days, 1-hour per day: Rodrigo Garduño’s studio offers an athlete’s workout and “human transformation.”

The 54D "human transformation" experience
By Marcella McCarthy (EN)
August 12, 2021 | 07:00 AM

Miami — 54D, the high-end boutique fitness studio founded in Mexico by former Mexican soccer player, Rodrigo Garduño, and with locations in Colombia and Miami, today announced that it would be expanding to four additional locations in the U.S.

The current Miami location is in Coral Gables and serves as the company’s headquarters. In the coming months, 54D is expanding to Miami’s Design District, Hallandale, NYC and Los Angeles.

“We actually have clients coming to Coral Gables from Broward [County], so Hallendale is a good natural fit,” said Omar Yunes, CEO of 54D.

54D (which stands for 54 days -the length of the program) was founded in 2012 when Garduño retired from soccer and was looking for a way to stay in top shape. The program is not a single workout class, but instead consists of one-hour, high intensity training classes, six days a week for nine weeks for the hefty price of $3,900. The difference, the company says, is that they promise results where other gyms sell you a membership, you pay monthly, “but they don’t really care if you come in or not as long as you keep paying,” said Yunes. The company describes its program as a “human transformation,” because in addition to the workout, they also employ the help of nutritionists and recovery methods, which, when combined for 9 weeks exhibit results.


54D has become a favorite among celebrities and athletes alike, with athletes such as Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada, models like Adriana Lima, and singers and performers such as Juanes, Fonseca and more joining in.

Yunes, who joined the company to lead its expansion to the U.S., is an ardent believer in the product, because before becoming the company’s CEO, he was a die-hard customer in Mexico City where he used to train with Garduño himself. The two became friends.

“He always had it in his mind to open in the U.S., but it was never the right time, or there was never the right partner - because as you know coming to the U.S. is a whole different ball game,” said Yunes.


In the meantime, Yunes, a businessman, had moved to Miami to pursue other business opportunities, and he wished there was something like 54D in the U.S., but there wasn’t, he said.

“I always came back to how 54D had changed my life, not just physically, but mentally,” Yunes added.

Eventually he approached Garduño about a partnership and an expansion into the U.S. Since Yunes had already become established in Miami, loved the product, and had a good relationship with Garduño, he felt like he was the right person for the job. They opened the Miami location - the first U.S. studio - in 2019.

The classes are all taught by former professional athletes and according to the company, 70% of the attendees are women, and about 75% of the people who participate request to repeat the program (which they can do for a discounted price).