Bloomberg Línea Launches its First Original Webseries: ¿Qué pasa en Venezuela?

From the heart of Venezuela comes this original webseries that will portray the country’s current reality from a variety of angles, beyond the buzz of social media and politics

Bloomberg Línea launches its first original webseries, What's Happening in Venezuela? (¿Qué pasa en Venezuela?)
February 14, 2022 | 11:37 AM

Press Release — Bloomberg Línea, the multi-platform business news brand in Latin America and the Caribbean, premieres its first original video series, ‘Qué pasa en Venezuela?’ (What’s Happening in Venezuela?’), and which will portray in short episodes the economic and social reality of the country from a variety of viewpoints, going beyond the information that people abroad can glean through social networks.

‘Qué pasa en Venezuela?’ premieres on February 14 with a season of five episodes, which in less than 15 minutes break down and analyze the phenomena of daily life in Venezuela.

The series can be viewed on the BloombergLí website, the media outlet’s official YouTube channel and through a scheduled premiere on Facebook and Twitter platforms at 6:00 p.m. Venezuelan time. The series will also be available on the same platforms at 4:00 p.m. Mexico time, at 5:00 p.m. in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, and at 7:00 p.m. in Chile and Argentina.

Trying to understand the complicated situation in the South American nation, with an economic upheaval that has recently moved away from hyperinflation and where slight economic growth has been generated, along with a complex humanitarian emergency, is part of what inspired the project, and which will also give a voice to ordinary citizens, business leaders and people from a variety of social and economic sectors.


With images from working class neighborhoods and other, more affluent areas, people both inside and outside the country will be able to get to know in detail, thanks to the series’ rigorous and objective research, the main issues trending in the country.

Raylí Luján, Venezuela correspondent for Bloomberg Línea, who is based in Caracas, will guide the audience through topics such as the scandal behind the Starbucks branch in the capital, the migratory phenomenon, the reasons behind citizens’ decision to leave Venezuela and the limitations encountered by citizens trying to live on $2.20 a month, the lowest minimum wage in Latin America.

“The episodes give an inside perspective, in a clear and transparent way, so that viewers can contrast the official information, that which is available on social networks, and that which we present here in greater depth,” said Luján, who hosts the series, and who is supported by producers Arturo Luna and Daniel Hernández.


Jimena Tolama, multimedia lead and news director for Mexico-North Cone, adds that the series will also delve into the reasons behind the Venezuelan exodus, inequality and other issues needing to be explored.

“With this series, Bloomberg Línea launches on a new path of productions, more of which are to come for the Latin American audience,” Tolama said.