Lessons from the SoftBank Group Operator School to be Featured on Bloomberg Línea

SoftBank Group International’s program for startup operators, known as the SoftBank Group Operator School (SBOS), will be made available for users free of charge

Press Release — SoftBank Group’s program for startup operators, known as the SoftBank Group Operator School (SBOS), will be made available for consumers free of charge on Bloomberg Línea’s sites, within the media platform’s soon to be launched ‘Startups’ section.

The classes will be conducted by top entrepreneurs from Latin America, such as Olist Founder and CEO Tiago Dalvi, VTEX founder and co-CEO Geraldo Thomaz, and Pipefy Founder and CEO Alessio Alionco. The classes will be made available in video format at no cost to viewers.

SBOS, already in its second season, is a seven-week program designed to equip startup founders, operators, and anyone interested in building and managing startups, with an emphasis on Latin America. This year’s program follows the SBOS launch in 2021, which was carried out in partnership with Florida International University, Miami Dade College, and the University of Miami.

The curriculum covers topics such as introduction to Venture Capital, Startup Valuation, Fundraising Process, Pitching, Term Sheets, Deal Negotiation, Board Management, and Growth Venture Capital. The content features a speaker series focused on venture capital and startup fundraising and is hosted remotely by Laura Gaviria-Halaby, head of ecosystem development and crypto value creation for SoftBank Group International.

According to Gaviria-Halaby, the program targets startups from the initial financing stage to potential IPOs.

The content of both seasons will be available for free for Bloomberg Línea readers under the ‘Startups’ section in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, to be launched in April.

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About Bloomberg Línea:

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About SoftBank’s Operator School

Launched in fall 2021, the SoftBank Group Operator School (SBOS) offers master classes led by SoftBank Group’s expert network, covering the most relevant skills needed to be a leading technology startup operator. The program reaches a community of more than 7,000 subscribers from more than 50 countries and includes live-streamed and on-demand courses that are open for anyone to view. Learn more here.