Mexican Unicorn Konfío Launches Academy to Train SMEs

The fintech will offer 2,000 courses on demand on a digital campus in collaboration with Griky, which builds digital learning systems for universities and companies

Online training.
April 22, 2022 | 03:22 PM

Over the last two years, the lack of market knowledge has become the main barrier for growing companies, according to the Radiography of Entrepreneurship in Mexico, published by the Mexican Association of Entrepreneurs (ASEM). To eliminate this barrier, fintech unicorn Konfío has launched an academy with streaming content to train small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The streaming platform is offering more than 2,000 on-demand courses and its aim is to provide comprehensive training to boost the skills of businesspeople and entrepreneurs in Mexico.

The Konfío Academy offers a catalog through which users can access a community of expert teachers, personalized materials and training spaces on a variety of subjects, including financial topics, entrepreneurship, human resources, coaching, digital marketing, social networks, business strategies, gender equality, psychological skills and foreign languages, according to a statement by Daniela Salgado, Konfío’s director of marketing and branding.

This initiative also seeks to build loyalty among the fintech’s current clients by providing them with added value based on education.


The platform was designed in conjunction with the firm Griky, which focuses on building digital lifelong learning systems for universities and companies, and the system’s design is based on a solution created by MIT and Harvard University.

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In recent months, startups have also become enablers of other startups and SMEs. This trend has been increasing along with the boom in online education brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, and which has led to the growth of the edtech industry.

So-called e-learning is positioning itself as one of the most booming education alternatives globally. According to information from education marketplace Udemy, in Mexico, enrollment in online courses increased by 114% (and 425% globally) during the health emergency caused by Covid-19.

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Complementary resources such as digital education, podcasts, blog posts, papers and webinars become key tools that can propel the SME ecosystem in a direction with better business scenarios and growth opportunities, as well as disruptive innovation.

To that end, Konfío also also launched a podcast with the objective of offering knowledge around key tools, ideas and trends for business momentum. And another Mexican unicorn, Clip, has also done the same in a podcast in which it discusses topics related to the entrepreneurial space.

These developments show the boom of podcasts as a means of disseminating knowledge, and the format will have an audience of 34 million listeners by 2022, according to the Global Entertainment & Media Outlook study by consulting firm PwC.

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