Meio & Mensagem: Bloomberg Línea reaches 2.5 million visitors per month and surpasses consolidated sites in Brazil

The News platform launched in 2021 already reaches a larger audience than its market peers in Brazil

Bloomberg Línea, about to complete one year, has gained relevance among C-Level executives, investors, and decisions makers – the site’s audience and engagement numbers attest to the success of the operation and the trajectory of sustained growth.

According to SimilarWeb, a market intelligence and digital intelligence provider, Bloomberg Línea, which launched in August 2021, surpassed the mark of 2.5 million visitors per month on its domains, with a higher audience than sites that have been operating for longer in the same segment in Brazil. Also, according to SimilarWeb, Bloomberg Línea’s users spent an average of 2 minutes and 33 seconds on the site in May 2022.

News platform launched in 2021 already reaches a larger audience than market peers in Brazil, according to SimilarWeb.
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The brand – a partnership between Bloomberg Media and Falic Media – is preparing to launch new products in Brazil, such as the 2nd season of Casa de Negócio$, a webseries of interviews with the most influential leaders in Brazil. It also celebrates the milestone of 400 thousand listeners of the podcast Ouvi na Bloomberg Línea, which reached the top 15 of the most listened to on Spotify charts in Brazil, under the News category.

With exclusive stories, original content analyses, and interviews with CEOs, investors and business and financial market personalities, the portal emerges as an information and data platform with a unique positioning in the media industry in Brazil. It caters to those looking to stay informed with exclusive content and the latest trends and those who want to know the breaking news of business, the market, and day-to-day events.

Bloomberg Línea’s growth is reflected in the site’s audience numbers and social media. Launched from scratch, Bloomberg Línea already has over 80 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 160 thousand followers on TikTok, with millions of monthly views.

Other products show the same growth trajectory and gain in relevance. The “Breakfast” newsletter has become mandatory reading for investors and market professionals, with tens of thousands of subscribers acquired in a short period, every morning providing the latest information on the opening of markets abroad and in Latin America, in addition to events and trends that will move markets along the day.