Frank Elias Rainieri Kuret

Dominican Republic | Grupo Puntacana | Holding

Frank Elias Rainieri Kuret
September 18, 2022 | 09:00 PM

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Frank Elías Rainieri Kuret is president and CEO of Grupo Puntacana, a holding of more than 12 companies and the leading tourism destination in the Caribbean and Central America in terms of lodging. He succeeds his father, Frank Rainieri, who created in Punta Cana a destination that receives more than 50% of the tourists arriving in the Dominican Republic. This year, the group initiated the creation of a logistics center and a free trade zone, as well as an expansion of the Punta Cana International Airport. He chairs the Hoyo Claro Developing Group Inc., and also chairs the Cayena City project, is part of the board of directors of Editora Bávaro S.A. He is also vice president of the board of directors of the food franchise, which represents the company Raya Food Dominicana, S.A. He is also the founder of the first brewery in the area, founded in 2016, Canita.