Bloomberg Línea Records Triple-Digit Growth with 8 Million Users, 550K Subscribers

Brand’s Strategic Focus Sets New Paradigm in Digital Media Landscape

PRESS RELEASE — Launched in 2021, Bloomberg Línea has rapidly positioned itself as an indispensable source of unbiased content, simultaneously offering global insights into the Latino market dynamics. Amidst a fluctuating media environment, the platform has demonstrated a noteworthy trajectory, expanding its global footprint significantly.

Within two years, Bloomberg Línea has charted substantial metrics. The platform’s audience engagement has skyrocketed, with over 40M visitors in 2023, reflecting a 118% YoY growth and nearly 1M social media followers. Furthermore, subscriptions have surged, registering a jump from 279K in 2022 to over 550K.

From a business perspective, Bloomberg Línea has renewed its alliance with Visa, enabling credit card holders to enjoy extended subscriptions. On the advertising front, the brand’s commercial segment has effectively collaborated with more than 150 enterprises since its inception, optimizing performance and ensuring brand safety for advertisers targeting a discerning, multicultural audience.

Bloomberg Línea’s evolving user demographics underscore its adaptability, it caters to a broader audience, from the Latino diaspora to international business professionals.

The brand’s podcasts, notably “La Estrategia del Dia,” have gained significant traction, accumulating over 8.5M plays in 2023, marking a 111% YoY increase.

“Our foundation has always been rooted in operational excellence and the imperative to offer profound insights to a vast audience.” said Kaio Philipe, COO of Bloomberg Línea, “Our team isn’t just composed of thinkers, they’re doers. We operate with creative, action-oriented minds. Our growth is a testament to our content’s quality and our firm commitment to informing, educating, and empowering users. After all, knowledge remains one of the most potent mastery one can have.”

Beyond digital, Bloomberg Línea is poised to host two eminent events this year: the Bloomberg Línea Summits. Among the brands supporting the event are Nasdaq, Fendi Casa, Remy Martin, Renault, Itau BBA, Citibanamex, JBS and more. These gatherings will congregate industry luminaries for in-depth dialogues, underscoring the brand commitment to fostering industry-wide collaborations and insights.