Visa Will Offer Eligible Card Holders Subscription to Bloomberg Línea Content

Latin American and Caribbean Visa cardholders will be able to enjoy free access to Bloomberg Línea’s sites in the region

December 20, 2021 | 09:59 AM

Miami (Press Release) — As part of Visa’s (V) efforts to offer its clients important and disruptive benefits, as of today it will offer all its cardholders eligible for Gold, Platinum, Signature, and Infinite products a subscription of up to four months to Bloomberg Línea. As part of this program, eligible Gold cardholders can obtain 2 months, Platinum and Signature clients can obtain 3 months, and Infinite clients 4 months.

In addition, interested card issuers can extend this offer to the Classic portfolio or increase the number of promotional months to the Gold, Platinum, Signature, and Infinite portfolios.

To find out more about the bases and conditions of these benefits, visit

“We know that subscriptions to online news services are on the rise and that consumers are looking to stay up to date with content specific to their markets. As such we are pleased to work with Bloomberg Línea to invite our customers to enjoy up to four months of membership courtesy of Visa and, in this way, make these benefits available to our eligible customers in the region,” said Ricardo Tafur, Vice President of Consumer Products for Visa Latin America and the Caribbean.


Bloomberg Línea is a multiplatform of unique, premium, and independent content serving its audiences with a local and pan-regional focus. In addition, it offers paid membership offering local content (news, lists, market quotes, podcasts and more) in English, Spanish and Portuguese on entrepreneurs, companies, businesses, and personalities that move the economies of Latin America. The Bloomberg Línea site averages more than 80,000 visits daily since its launch in August 2021. The site focuses on the markets of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Panama, and Venezuela, as well as the US. The expectation for 2022 is that Bloomberg Línea will continue to grow to cover more than 30 countries in the region.

“We are proud to partner with Visa to offer access our exclusive, high-quality content, to millions of cardholders across the region,” said Leon Falic, CEO of Falic Media. “This partnership reinforces our mission to offer access to a wide range of stories for the future leaders and decision makers of the whole continent,” said Kaio Philipe, COO of Bloomberg Línea.

About Bloomberg Línea


Bloomberg Línea is a multiplatform of business news launched as a partnership between Falic Media and Bloomberg Media in Latin America and the Caribbean. It offers its audience and advertisers a range of digital products aimed at the financial and business audience in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Bloomberg Línea is leveraged by the global resources of Bloomberg Media and its workforce of 2,700 journalists and analysts in 120 countries to create a news platform for a rapidly growing audience in Latin America and the Caribbean. It features content translated from Bloomberg and local reports produced by a team of more than 70 contributors across the region. It is available on multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile, podcasts, events and social media. The news brand offers complete coverage of the companies, personalities, events, and ideas that are trending in markets across Latin America and the Caribbean.

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