Fabio Alperowitch EN

Fabio Alperowitch EN

CFA, ESG investment specialist and partner of FAMA Investimentos

Fabio Alperowitch, CFA, ESG investment specialist, is a partner at FAMA Investimentos. He founded FAMA Investimentos in 1993, where he is responsible for the management of a fund of Brazilian company shares, focused on companies with social responsibility and adhering to good ESG practices. Since its inception, the fund managed by FAMA Investimentos has accumulated an annual return of 21%. FAMA Investimentos is certified as a "B Corp". In the third sector, he is a director of Instituto FAMA, Instituto Brasil Israel, Instituto Totós da Teté, advisor to WWF Brasil, Pacto pela Equidade Racial, GRI Brasil, Capitalismo Consciente Brasil and the Jewish Museum of São Paulo.

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