Nathalie Iriarte (EN)

Nathalie Iriarte (EN)

Periodista de Bloomberg Línea en Bolivia

Nathalie Iriarte is a bolivian journalist. In 2020 he won the GEN 8.7 award for journalism in Argentina. She was a finalist for the 2015 Gabriel García Márquez Prize, and received mentions in the 2014 Carmen Goes Prize (Spain) and the 2015 SIP Prize. Her work has been published in media such as the BBC, Vice News and Washington Post.
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Bolivian Government Continues to Invest in Coca Despite Failure to Reap Profits

Opposition legislators and economists criticize a track record of poorly managed public companies investing in projects with no prospects of commercial success

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Bolivia Has Latin America’s Cheapest Fuel, But Subsidies Blamed for Contraband

Government fuel subsidies are unwise, according to experts, who argue they cause corruption, contraband and inefficient energy use

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Bolivia’s Lithium Could Remain Untapped Without Agreements With Local Communities

The Potosí region, which boasts the country’s largest lithium reserves, is demanding higher royalties, while experts see the harnessing of the mineral as impossible if agreements are not reached with local inhabitants

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How ‘Tropical’ Quinoa Could Solve Bolivia’s Food Shortage

Santa Cruz department produces 70% of the country’s food, and now a new variety of quinoa developed by agronomists could begin to be produced in Bolivia’s lowlands

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6 Suitors Emerge for Bolivia’s Lithium in Tender Tinged With Controversy

Bolivia has the largest lithium resources in the region, but accusations of favoritism for a Russian company involving the president’s son in the country’s tender process have emerged

Tech & Funding

Bolivia’s Fintech Koban Raises $2.3M, the Largest Pre-Seed in the Country

This funding will allow the startup to accelerate key hires, increase tech stack and product development, and expedite its marketing and launch strategy in its original market

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Bolivia Can’t Afford to Isolate Itself, Former VP Candidate Says

Gustavo Pedraza, an analyst and former candidate for vice president, talks to Bloomberg Línea about the war on Ukraine's economic impact, and of La Paz's failure to condemn Russia’s invasion

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