Natiana Gándara (EN)

Natiana Gándara (EN)

Editor in Guatemala

In 2015 he joined one of the largest media outlets in Guatemala where he specialized in finance and business. Graduated from Universidad Mesoamericana with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Sciences with a major in Radio and Television Production.
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Guatemala’s Plant Exports Bloom Despite Rising Costs

The challenges brought by the high costs of freight, fertilizer and packaging have not wilted the country’s plant exports, which are expected to total $50 million this year

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Guatemala Well-Placed to Counter Container Crisis With Consolidated Freight Model

The use of consolidated cargo, sharing containers among companies, brings down shipping costs and speeds up the movement of freight, while companies can import into Guatemala and re-export to other Central American countries, according to industry insiders

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Guatemala Has Highest Basic Food Prices in Central America, Despite Lowest Inflation

Despite the Central American country having the lowest inflation in the region, the monthly cost of basic food supplies is the highest, with 4.6 million people living in food insecurity

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Guatemalan Businesses Lament Economic Losses Caused By Highway Sinkhole

The hole, which opened up eight days ago on the CA-9 highway to the Pacific coast, is delaying exports

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Inflation Bites in Guatemala as Food Prices Soar

The ‘red tamale’, one of the Central American country’s favorite staple foods, has doubled in price this year, while workers earning the minimum wage struggle to afford milk

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Starbucks Opens Its 1,500th Branch In LatAm, In ‘Key Coffee Supplier’ Guatemala’s Antigua

Michael Conway, the coffee shop chain’s international development manager, tells Bloomberg Línea about the importance of offering locally grown coffee in the 12 branches already open in the country

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