Anitta Becomes First Brazilian Artist to Hit No. 1 on Spotify

The Brazilian singer’s song ‘Envolver’ is the platform’s most-streamed track globally, with more than six million plays

As well as being a singer, Anitta has begun making more incursions into the business world, as an advisor to fintech Nubank and, in partnership with Ambev, launching the Skol Beats
March 25, 2022 | 12:45 PM

Bloomberg Línea — Brazilian singer Anitta on Friday became the first artist from the country to hit the number-one spot on Spotify, with her track ‘Envolver’ the platform’s most-played song in the world, with six million streamings.

‘Envolver’ was released in November of last year and is sung by the Rio de Janeiro-born star in Spanish. The second Brazilian song to appear in Spotify’s top 50 is Dançarina, by DJ Pedro Sampaio and MC Pedrinho.

Anitta’s song has gained a boost from social networks since it went viral with videos of the singer’s choreography, in which people around the world reproduce the same dance steps that she performs in her shows.

The singer has raised her international presence in recent years, with song releases in English and Spanish. Besides being a singer, Anitta has also been making more and more incursions into the business world, as an advisor to fintech Nubank and in a partnership with Ambev, with the brand Skol Beats.


In a video released by Spotify’s Twitter account, Anitta celebrates the achievement and says that most of the plays are from outside of Brazil.

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According to Spotify, the calculation of the streaming quantity is generated by a formula that protects the integrity of the charts and “ensures that all user voices are reflected”.

“This formula means that not all streamings on Spotify are eligible for the charts. Some songs may have fewer streams qualifying for the charts than others, depending on streaming behavior. Therefore, the streaming count you see in the charts may look different from the app and Spotify for Artists,” the platform explains.


“Our chart filtering does not affect the royalties we pay to creators,” the platform added.

Each song playback is counted when someone listens to the track for 30 seconds or longer, according to Spotify.