Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa in Mission to China for Swap Line Talks

Massa will meet with Yi Gang, governor of the People’s Bank of China, to discuss the “renewal and expansion” of the swap line

Sergio Massa, Argentina's economy minister, speaks during a press conference at the Economy Ministry building in Buenos Aires.
By Patrick Gillespie
May 28, 2023 | 01:02 PM

Bloomberg — Argentine Economy Minister Sergio Massa will travel to China next week in a bid to free up more cash from a currency swap line that could help stem a peso selloff before this year’s presidential election.

Massa, who participated in campaign-style events this weekend, will arrive in Shanghai May 30 and then head to Beijing for meetings on June 2, according to an official itinerary sent by the Economy Ministry on Saturday.

Argentina to Deal Bigger China Swap Line to Prevent Peso Selloff

Facing inflation over 100%, Argentina’s central bank has no liquid cash reserves left, according to local economists’ estimates. With the official peso exchange rate down 25% so far this year, one of the government’s last-resort tools to prevent a more severe peso devaluation is Argentina’s existing China swap line worth 130 billion yuan ($18.4 billion).

Massa will meet with Yi Gang, governor of the People’s Bank of China, to discuss the “renewal and expansion” of the swap line, according to Argentina’s statement. Although the money sits in Argentina’s central bank reserves, only a portion, about $5 billion, is actually allowed to be used as of now to pay for imports or pay down debts. Massa is seeking access to a greater portion of the swap.


Talks with China come as Massa is also renegotiating Argentina’s $44 billion program with the International Monetary Fund, aiming to get more cash up front from the Washington lender after a record drought exacerbated the South American country’s economic crisis.

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In Beijing, Argentina’s economic chief will also meet with Chinese Finance Minister Liu Kun. Massa will be accompanied by Argentine Central Bank Chief Miguel Pesce and congressman Maximo Kirchner, among other officials in a large Argentine delegation.

Argentina holds a key primary election Aug. 13 with a general vote Oct. 22. Massa is widely expected to be among the Peronist candidates.