Brazil’s Bravium Raises $19M from Bridge One in New Merger Structure

The B2B and B2C company is merging with Satelital and Atrus to grow commerce and loyalty programs in Latin America

E-commerce: Bravium announces merger and investment to grow its businesses in Latin America.
September 13, 2022 | 12:00 PM

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Bloomberg Línea — Brazil-based online B2B and B2C company Bravium is merging with Satelital and Atrus, in order to provide full commerce solutions, from the e-commerce platform to delivery. The new company, which will unite loyalty, e-commerce, and marketplace, will carry the name Bravium and has received a 100-million-reais ($19.3 million) investment from Bridge One.

In 2007, Satelital launched its business of helping banks structure loyalty and credit-card-point programs in Brazil, as well as air-mile programs with airlines, from the platform to product delivery.

Then, in 2015, it began expanding into other industries with the idea of growing customer loyalty, such as in agribusiness, with a program to serve producers in Brazil with agricultural supplies for Bayer.


In 2019, the company already had participants in the program covering 60% of Brazil’s planted area, Adelmo Inamura, CEO of Bravium, told Bloomberg Línea. The company then launched a joint venture with Bayer to create a marketplace for agricultural supplies, called Orbia.

“We identified three separate companies, each was growing in its own field, but we saw that together we would get a much more complete service, more consistently, and gain scale with the platform investment,” Inamura said. “The redundancy is low because we are complementing each other.”

According to the CEO, the company generates cash, so it was not looking for third-party investment. But the partners decided to bring to the board João Brandão, partner and founder of Bridge One, with the contribution of 100 million reais. In addition to Brandão, a new independent board member should be announced in the coming months.

“We have been profitable since our foundation in 2007,” said Inamura.


Bravium invoiced 300 million reais ($57.9 million) last year and this year the goal is to achieve revenues of 450 million reais.

The company has several revenue lines, either through redemption fee or product margin. “We are not a retailer that delivers products, we assemble specific catalogs for our clients”, Inamura said.

The first external contribution that the company receives will be used to strengthen growth in the eight countries where it operates, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Argentina, by hiring more people, especially for research and development.

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