Latin America’s 500 Most Influential People in 2023

Bloomberg Línea presents its 2023 List of the 500 Most Influential Figures in Latin America and the Caribbean, including 282 new names

By Bloomberg Línea
September 17, 2023 | 07:00 PM

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Latin America is taking center stage as its leaders continue to make a profound impact across business, cultural, artistic, and even religious spheres at the global scale. In 2023, the region has undeniably captivated the world’s attention as a major market, one that is booming with opportunities and potential in commodities, financial services and industry, to name a few sectors.

The remarkable individuals that lead such endeavors in Latin American nation, each with their distinct mark, are challenging established norms and extending their influence far beyond their borders, in a genuinely positive moment for the region.

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In the world of business, Mexico has now overtaken China as the United States’ leading trading partner. Brazil, on the other hand, has become the largest global exporter of corn and soybeans and is on the verge of surpassing the United States as the foremost exporter of cotton. And in the realm of culture, Latin music has claimed top positions on global charts.

September in the United States is dedicated to celebrating Hispanic heritage, where Latino-owned businesses employ 2.9 million people and generate a staggering $472 billion in revenue, according to the US census.


First Time on the 500 List

With 282 new additions, Bloomberg Línea proudly presents its third edition of the 500 Most Influential People of Latin America 2023. Each individual was carefully selected by the editorial committee after an extensive analysis of 20 different markets. While nearly several newcomers are making their debut on the list, about 300 have maintained their positions from last year, while some have been featured since the inaugural edition of 2021, owing to their enduring impact on the region’s progress.

These chosen individuals are leaders in various sectors, and have navigated a complex economic landscape traditionally characterized by high-interest rates and uncertainty. Additionally, the list recognizes Latin American figures who wield significant influence, not only within the region but also on a global scale, in fields ranging from finance and the arts to science and sports.

Our objective extends beyond producing a mere ranking; it’s about presenting a curated list that highlights and promotes the remarkable achievements of these 500 Latin Americans who are undeniably shaping the world.


Methodology: How the 500 List Was Compiled

The editorial team at Bloomberg Línea conducted research in more than 20 countries in the region to select the entrepreneurs, innovators, philanthropists, athletes, artists, activists, public figures, and scientists that make up the 2023 list. Our editors took into account factors such as job creation, investment, or innovations that have led to significant economic activity and their influence across various sectors.

The 2023 list includes an increased percentage of women, who have led initiatives to advance their countries’ economies in key indicators, as well as diverse demographic groups. All are recognized on merit. The 500 list of the most influential Latin Americans is dynamic, and will change over time based on the performance of its participants, as well as and the arrival or emergence of new personalities driving change in the region.