Latin Grammy Awards 2022: Who Are the Richest Latino Artists?

The net worth of some of those nominated for awards and attending the gala is around $300 million

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November 17, 2022 | 08:01 PM

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Bloomberg Línea — The 23rd annual Latin Grammy Awards, also known as the Latin Grammys, the most important awards in the Spanish-language music industry, will be announced Thursday, and as has been the case in recent editions, the nominees include established and long-standing artists, combined with the great urban music stars of the last decade.

And among the established artists are some who have several millions in their bank accounts: fortunes of up to $300 million can be seen.

Bloomberg Línea presents a ranking of the richest artists among those who will participate in Thursday’s Latin Grammy 2022 ceremony, either as nominees, guests or presenters, based on information from Celebrity Net Worth.

#13 Julieta Venegas

Julieta Venegas is a 51-year-old Mexican singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and actress whose net worth is estimated at around $14 million.


She is nominated for Best Reggaeton Performance, and has two nominations for Best Urban Song.

During her career she has won one Grammy, six Latin Grammys, six MTV Awards, seven Broadcast Music Inc, eight VEVO Certified, three Oye! awards and two Billboard Music Awards, for a total of around 100 awards.

#12 Bad Bunny

The Puerto Rican singer and rapper Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as Bud Bunny, is the artist with the most nominations at this year’s awards, with 10 in different categories.


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bud Bunny has a fortune of $18 million, despite being just 28 years old. “He has experienced a meteoric rise to fame in a relatively short period of time. In 2020, Bad Bunny was the artist with the highest number of plays in the world, and his songs were streamed a total of 8 billion times,” according to the website.

#11 Luis Fonsi

The also Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi (44) does not have any nominations this year, but he will be one of the hosts along with Laura Pausini, Anitta and Thalia.

This singer-songwriter, who rose to fame as a romantic singer but reached the top thanks to his reggaeton song Despacito that he recorded with Daddy Yankee, has a fortune of $20 million.

The hit song sold 11 million copies and the video became the all-time most-viewed on YouTube.


#10 Alejandro Sanz and Residente

The 10th richest artist among those participating in the 23rd Latin Grammy Awards is not a Latin American, but a Spaniard: pop singer and balladeer Alejandro Sanz (53), who is worth some $25 million.

Sanz has won more than 20 Latin Grammy Awards. After the release of his albums Viviendo Deprisa, Si Tú Me Miras and 3, he made his international breakthrough with Más in 1997, which became the best-selling album in Spanish history.

Since then, Sanz has recorded successful albums such as El Alma al Aire, Paraíso Express, Sirope and #ELDISCO.


Sanz is nominated this year in the Album of the Year category for Sanz.

René Pérez Joglar, better known as Residente, also has an estimated net worth of around $25 million. The former Calle 13 leader is nominated for the 2022 Latin Grammy for Best Fusion/Urban Performance and Best Short Form Music Video.

Residente is a Puerto Rican rapper, composer, singer, producer and activist. In 2015 he launched his solo career,after the resounding success of the group Calle 13, which he formed with his brothers. Many of his lyrics are related to social and political issues.

As leader of Calle 13 he has won a total of 31 Latin Grammy awards and in his solo career another five.


#9 Romeo Santos

American Romeo Santos, of Dominican and Puerto Rican origin, is considered the ‘King of Bachata’. At 41 years of age, he has a fortune estimated at $30 million.

In this edition of the Latin Grammy Awards he has a personal nomination for Best Long Version Music Video and another nomination as part of the group Aventura, for a song recorded with Bad Bunny (Volví).

#8 Daddy Yankee and Ricardo Montaner

Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, better known as Daddy Yankee, is a 46-year-old Puerto Rican rapper nominated, among other categories, for Song of the Year, for his song Agua. His fortune, according to Celebrity Net Worth, runs to about $40 million.


In March 2022, Daddy Yankee announced that he would retire from the music world after an upcoming album and tour. In his three-decade career, he has sold around 30 million records.

The website also estimates a net worth of around $40 million to Argentine-born, Venezuelan-raised singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner.

On this occasion, Montaner is nominated for Best Tango Album. In 2016 he won the Latin Grammy Award for musical excellence, having also been nominated in 2014 and 2020.


Montaner has sold more than 22 million records worldwide.

#7 Juan Luis Guerra

Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra, 65, is an icon of Latin American song, with 27 Latin Grammys and two US Grammys to his credit. His fortune? Around $45 million.

This year he was nominated for Record of the Year for Vale La Pena and for Best Merengue/Bachata Album for Entre Mar y Palmeras.


His millions have not allowed the musician to lose his sensitivity, and who is UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and organized a benefit concert to build a children’s hospital in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

#6 Anitta

Brazilian singer Anitta, 29, is an artist who crosses the pop and reggaeton genres. In addition to hosting the 23rd Latin Grammy Awards, she is nominated for Best Reggaeton Performance for her song Envolver and for Record of the Year for the same song.

Larissa de Macedo Machado, Anitta’s real name, possesses a fortune estimated at $50 million. She rose to fame after releasing her debut single Show das Poderosas in 2013. That success led to a major contract with Warner Music Brazil.


#5 Thalía

Mexican pop singer Ariadna Thalía Thalía Sodi Miranda, better known as Thalía, was born in 1971 and has a fortune of around $60 million.

Like Fonsi, she was not nominated for a Latin Grammy this year, but she will be a presenter.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Thalia’s husband, Tommy Mottola, has a net worth of $500 million.

The site adds in its description: “Thalia is considered by many to be the most successful female Latin star in history. Her albums have reached Gold or Platinum status in 22 countries, and to date she has sold more than 40 million records worldwide.”

#4 Marc Anthony

Marco Antonio Muñiz Rivera, better known as Marc Anthony, is an American singer-songwriter of Puerto Rican origin. His style mixes salsa, bolero, ballad and pop, although he began his career as a hip hop musician.

For the 23rd Latin Grammy Awards, Anthony was nominated for Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Salsa Album and Best Tropical Song.

His net worth stands at $80 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

#3 Ricky Martin

Enrique Martín Morales, known as Ricky Martin, is a 50-year-old Puerto Rican singer, whose fortune is around $130 million.

He began his musical career in the mid-1980s as the lead singer of the youth band Menudo, and in 1991 he established himself as a solo artist, becoming one of the most important Latin pop artists in history.

On this occasion he has been nominated for Best Song of the Year for A Veces Bien Y A Veces Mal.

Throughout his career he has received two Grammy Awards, five Latin Grammys, three Billboard awards, eight Billboard Latin Music Awards, eight MTV awards, eight World Music Awards, and two American Music Awards, among others.

#2 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera (41) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, model, fashion designer, producer and entrepreneur. The daughter of an Ecuadorian-born father, she is fluent in Spanish and in 2000 released an album in this language, entitled Mi reflejo, which led her to become the first American artist to win a Latin Grammy Award.

This year she will participate in the gala as a presenter, but she also has seven nominations.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Christina Aguilera is worth $160 million.

#1 Shakira

Colombian Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, 45, is a singer, actress and dancer whose fortune is estimated at $300 million.

Shakira is one of the most awarded artists of all time and the most awarded Latin artist. She holds several awards, including 41 Latin Billboard Music Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, three Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe nomination, 12 Latin Grammys and a Latin Grammy for person of the year, being the youngest artist to win the award and the only South American to win one.

She also holds several Guinness World Records and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Caetano Veloso and Marisa Monte: Net worth unknown

Brazilian singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso is for many one of the greatest musical artists of the 20th century. This year he is nominated for Best Brazilian Popular Music Album and Best Song in the Portuguese Language.

The site Celebrity Net Worth estimates that he could be near the top in terms of wealth, given his great popularity.

There is also no data on the wealth of Brazilian Marisa Monte’s net worth, who has two nominations for the Latin Grammy 2022.

Bonus track

Some multimillionaire artists who were not included in the list because they are not Latin will sing at the ceremony, including Elvis Costello (68), whose fortune stands at around $70 million; John Legend (43), who is worth around $100 million, and Nile Rodgers (70), with a net worth of around $200 million.

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