Mexico’s Auronix Lands $14.5M Structured Loan from Alloy Capital

The conversational commerce startup aims to use the capital injection to achieve sustained growth and profitability

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August 24, 2022 | 07:39 PM

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Bloomberg Línea — Mexican conversational commerce company Auronix has received a 290-million-peso ($14.5 million) capital injection as a structured loan from Alloy Capital, a cross-border investment firm, and which comes despite a backdrop of cautious private equity investment in the region.

The investment will be used for the expansion, sustained growth and profitability of Auronix, which creates conversational experiences through instant messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Google Business Messages, Apple Messages for Business, RCS and SMS.

“Alloy Capital’s cross-industry expertise, close strategic support and extended sales network will help us accelerate growth,” said Adrián Villaseñor, co-CEO of Auronix, in a statement.

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Adrián Villaseñor, co-CEO of Auronix

Auronix, founded in 1994, has worked with companies in various sectors, such as retail, telecommunications, logistics and banking.


“The pandemic revolutionized the methods of operating to become increasingly digital, which affects the way companies acquire, retain and drive revenue growth,” Jaime Arreola, managing director of structured finance at Alloy Capital Finance, said regarding Auronix’s business prospects, a company he says Alloy has been following for several years.

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Today, 91% of consumers want to use messaging as a channel to interact with companies. For companies, conversational commerce helps simplify the shopping experience, he added.

The Mexican company claims that its automated solutions improve customer service, reduce costs and increase digital sales by up to 75%, in addition to savings of up to 85% in operating costs in terms of communication, compared to traditional methods such as phone calls.

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