Rounds of the Week: Brazilian Foodtech, Healthcare Staffing Startup Secure Funding

Brazilian foodtech Nuu and MyCareforce, a human resources platform for healthcare professionals, raised funds this week

Startups continue to garner investment as the market begins to stabilize. (Photo: Maika Elan/Bloomberg)
September 08, 2023 | 07:00 PM

Bloomberg Línea — August was the best month of the year for venture capital investments, according to data from Distrito, and which signals an improvement in the environment for investments in startups.

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There were 40 investment rounds during the month in Brazil, which totaled $327.2 million.

The number of rounds represents a reduction of 38.4% compared to the same month in 2022, but a slight increase compared to the 39 in July this year. In terms of financial volume, however, there was an increase of around 450%, given that in the previous month the total was $59.6 million.

In the year to August, there were a total of 322 investment rounds.


Here are some of the startups that have raised money recently:


Minas Gerais-based startup NUU has raised 20 million reais ($4 million). Founded and led by Rafaela Gontijo, the foodtech company had its first round of funding, which was led by US-based EcoEnterprises Fund.

The company produces sustainable food, with practices that extend from ingredients to packaging.


The round also includes CamelFarm, from the founders of Zee Dog, MadFish, of tennis player Bruno Soares, Newlin, Bioma Food Hub and angel investor groups GV Angels, formed by former FGV students, and Gávea Angels.

The company also has individual investors, such as Rodolfo Chung, the former CEO of Zé Delivery, who is now at LTS Investimentos.

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MyCareforce, a platform that provides access to a talent pool of nursing professionals so that healthcare institutions can fill shifts, has received 4 million reais from M4 Ventures and Caixa Capital. The amount is in addition to the 6.3 million reais raised by the startup in the first half of the year from Shilling, Portugal Ventures, Demium and angel investors, ending the healthtech investment round with a final amount of 10.3 million reais.

With the new investment, the company, founded in 2021 in Portugal, will focus on internationalizing its operation for the Brazilian market, aiming to be a platform that allows hospitals, clinics, laboratories and senior residences to hire nursing professionals.

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