These Are the Most Expensive Residential Properties Currently for Sale in São Paulo

A report from the high-end real estate firm MBRAS includes the most expensive house currently on the market with its US$37,1 million price tag

These Are the Most Expensive Residential Properties Currently for Sale in São Paulo
August 04, 2023 | 10:34 AM

Bloomberg Línea — A mansion and three penthouses in the neighborhoods of Jardim Europa, Vila Nova Conceição, and Cidade Jardim are among the most expensive residential properties for sale in the city of São Paulo. According to a survey by MBRAS, a real estate company focused on high-end properties, the properties are located in areas close to the city’s financial center, on Faria Lima, and some of the city’s main parks, such as Ibirapuera and Parque do Povo.

The square meter in these neighborhoods costs an average of R$16,000 (about 3,300USD), according to data from the startup Loft, but there are other properties well above this level - in the order of R$90,000 (about $18,500 USD) or more.”

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The ranking of the most expensive properties in São Paulo is topped by a 5,000 square-meter property in the neighborhood of Jardins, a prime real estate area in the Brazilian capital. According to MBRAS, the house is currently for sale for R$180 million (about $37.1 million USD).

Unlike last year when high-end apartments on “normal” floors dominated the ranking, this year penthouses are on top, with three out of five of the most expensive properties. According to MBRAS, millionaires prefer properties in area close to parks, as well as complete infrastructure, reinforced security and ample supply of parking spaces (at least eight per apartment and with spaces for visitors).

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Lucas Melo, executive director of MBRAS, told Bloomberg Línea that the increase in property prices compared to last year is due to a reduction in supply, with resilient demand for these high-end properties, as well as an increase in construction and labor costs.

These are the five most expensive residential properties for sale in São Paulo:

1- House in Jardim Europa

House for sale in Jardim Europa, in the area between Brasil and Faria Lima avenues, one of the most valuable in São Paulodfd

Located between Brasil Avenue and Faria Lima Avenue, in the region that houses Jardim América and Jardim Europa, 5,000 square-meter property (an area equivalent to 60% of an official soccer field) and a house spanning 2,000 square meters.


Full of trees, the property is located near the elite Paulistano and Pinheiros clubs, two of the most traditional - and expensive - in the city. According to a survey by MBRAS, the house is for sale for R$180 million (US$37.1 million), a value that places it at the top of the list of the most expensive residential properties in São Paulo.

2. Saint Paul penthouse

Saint Paul Building: the penthouse in this building near Iguatemi shopping center is for sale for R$140 milliondfd

The property, which is owned by a TV presenter, is located in the Saint Paul building at 140 Frederic Chopin Street in the Jardim Europa neighborhood, near Cidade Jardim Avenue.

The penthouse has 1,500 square meters and 20 of its own parking spaces, in addition to the right to 25 visitor spaces. It also has a private pool. The condominium has tennis courts, gym, party room and children’s play area.

The apartment is for sale for R$140 million, or US$28.9 million.


3. Chateau Margaux penthouse

Penthouse in the Chateau Margaux Building, located at Praça Pereira Coutinho, in Vila Nova Conceição: for sale for R $ 73 milliondfd

With a panoramic view of Ibirapuera Park, this 1,200 square meter penthouse is located in the Vila Nova Conceição neighborhood, in the south of the capital, in one of the most coveted addresses in the city.

The Chateau Margaux building, which is located in Praça Pereira Coutinho, was designed by architect Pablo Slemenson. The apartments have a duplex layout and feature four suites, gym, sauna, heated pool and large integrated environments. The penthouse is for sale for R$73 million, or US$15 million.

4. Cobertura no Shopping Cidade Jardim

This penthouse is located in one of the residential towers of the Shopping Cidade Jardim complex, and is for sale for R$67 milliondfd

With a total of seven suites, the main one equipped with a living room, dressing room, closet, bathtub and a private massage space, this property is located in the Cidade Jardim shopping center complex.


The penthouse has a 16-seat movie theater, a music studio, a wine cellar and a terrace with barbecue.

One of the highlights of the property is the dining room, with its walls painted with the French trompe-l’oeil technique of optical illusion.

The property, which belongs to presenter and businessman Marcelo de Carvalho, a partner in Rede TV, is on sale for R$67 million, or US$13.8 million.

5. Apartment in L’Essence Jardins

L'Essence Jardins, on Haddock Lobo street: apartments for sale are in the R$ 64 million rangedfd

This condominium is located at Rua Haddock Lobo, 1,725, in Jardim Paulista, and has 31 apartments with about 735 square meters each. It overlooks Jardins and Itaim and is close to Shops Jardins, owned by JHSF, and the Fasano Hotel.


With a number of parking spaces ranging from eight to twelve, the apartments have between four and five suites, as well as five to ten bathrooms.

A few years ago, the building had among its residents the socialite Val Marchiori, as well as the founding entrepreneur of JBS, José Batista Sobrinho. The value of the property today is around R$ 64 million.

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