These Were the Biggest Investor Exit Deals in 2022 in Latin America

According to TTR, Brazil led the region in both turnover and aggregate value of M&As year-to-date, which often generated liquidity to funds

São Paulo view: according to TTR, Brazil led Latin America in M&A transactions in 2022
January 01, 2023 | 09:35 AM

Bloomberg Línea — In a year with an IPO drought, M&A transactions were one of the alternatives to generate liquidity events for private equity investors.

Even so, there was a drop in M&As: down 15% in volume and 40% in value added in Latin America in November 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, according to the monthly report on mergers and acquisitions in the region published by the Transactional Track Record (TTR).

According to TTR, Brazil led the region in both deal quantity and value-added year-to-date, followed by Mexico and then Chile in both criteria.

Colombia ranked fourth, followed by Argentina and Peru, among the top six M&A markets in Latin America. There were 1,191 M&A transactions.


Learn about the deals that represented the largest exits from Latin American companies in 2022, according to Crunchbase data submitted at the request of Bloomberg Línea:

  • Semantix (Brazil): $1 billion IPO
  • Satellogic (Uruguay): $850 million IPO
  • Ideal CTVM (Brazil): acquisition for $117.7 million
  • Gesplan (Brazil): acquisition for $8.7 million
  • Vuxx (Brazil): acquisition for $7.2 million
  • Dubalu (Mexico): acquisition for $5 million
  • Glic (Brazil): acquisition for $4.5 million
  • ERPyme (Chile): acquisition for $4 million
  • Desetech Systems (Dominican Republic): acquisition for $2.5 million

Recall other companies acquired in 2022, but which have not disclosed values:

Colombian LOGYSTO was bought by Clicoh in September;

Argentine IguanaFix was bought by MadeiraMadeira in April;


Argentinean Wormhole was acquired by Crehana in July;

The Mexican Miind Brands was acquired by Merama in June;

Brazilian Flow Finance was acquired by Celcoin in February;

Argentinian Navent was bought by QuintoAndar in January;


The Brazilian company Grão was bought by the Primo Group in March;

The Brazilian company Kanttum was bought by Patio in January;

The Brazilian Husky was bought by Nomad in November;


The Brazilian Instaviagem was bought by BeFly in June;

The Chilean TripYeah was acquired by Nezasa in October;

Brazilian Wuzu was acquired by 2TM in March;

Colombian Acsendo was acquired by Crehana in April;


Mexican Billpocket was acquired by Kushki in August;

Brazil’s Noverde was acquired by Dotz in April;

Mexican Urbvan was acquired by Swvl in July;


The Brazilian company Quicko was acquired by MaaS Global in March;

Brazilian Kenoby was acquired by Gupy in February;

The Brazilian company HFocus was acquired by;


Mexican Somar was bought by Procaps Group in May;

The Brazilian company Cobre Fácil Online was acquired by Credoro in January;

Brazilian Nomah was acquired by Casai in August;


The Brazilian company Aarin was bought by Next in March;

The Mexican company Yaydoo was bought by Paystand in August;

The Brazilian company Oktagon Games was bought by Fortis Games in March;


Brazilian EasyCrédito was acquired by Fitbank in May;

The Argentinean Retargetly was acquired by Epsilon in March;

The Brazilian company Geofusion was acquired by Cortex in October;

The Brazilian company TownSq was bought by HOAM Ventures in April;

The Brazilian MeuPortfolio was bought by Warren in March;

Argentinian Flowics was bought by Vizrt in September;

The Brazilian company Síntese B2B was acquired by Bionexo in August;

The Brazilian company MobLee was acquired by Yazo in July;

The Mexican company Hexagon Data was acquired by VASS in August;

The Chilean Zyght was acquired by Datamine in January;

The Brazilian company Kzas.AI was acquired by Creditas in June;

Brazil’s Biz.u was acquired by Harami Research in December;

Colombian was acquired by RED Atlas in July;

The Brazilian Feegow Clinic was acquired by Doctoralia in July;

The Uruguayan Sagal was acquired by ANYMARKET in July;

The Brazilian company isaac was acquired by Arco Educação in October;

The Chilean GoPlaceIt was acquired by Capitalizarme in March;

The Brazilian Noknox was acquired by QuintoAndar in March;

The Brazilian company was bought by Nvoip in May;

The Brazilian company Biscoint was bought by BitPreço in July;

The Brazilian company Hrestart was bought by Worc in April;

The Brazilian company Conpass was acquired by Omie in February;

Chilean Recorrido was acquired by Busbud in February;

Mexico’s Listopro was acquired by Revelo in June;

Peru’s Prendea was acquired by ClassDojo in July;

Brazilian PlayKids was acquired by Sandbox in February;

The Brazilian company Startupi was acquired by Bossanova in April;

The Brazilian company Dr. JONES was bought by Grupo Boticário in October;

The Brazilian company Feedz was acquired by TOTVS in September;

The Colombian Boardgent was bought by Auvik Networks in October;

The Brazilian company STILINGUE was acquired by Take Blip in January;

Mexico’s Zubut was acquired by Mensajeros Urbanos in July;

The Chilean Teamcore was bought by Accel-KKR in August;

The Brazilian company Vitalk was acquired by Gympass in April;

The Brazilian company Reclame Aqui was acquired by Stone in March;

The Brazilian company Equilibrium was acquired by Grupo Boticário in February.

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