Why Rappi and iFood Are Selling World Cup Stickers in Brazil

Delivery apps are offering fast sticker delivery in Brazil; Rappi is considering enabling sticker ‘trading’ through the platform

Sticker packs that cost 4 reais will be more expensive through the delivery applications. (Photographer: Christopher Pike/G/Christopher Pike)
August 25, 2022 | 06:35 PM

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Bloomberg Línea — Brazil’s leading delivery apps, iFood and Rappi will start selling stickers for the World Cup album published by Panini.

Rappi started this Thursday selling stickers and album, with its customers in the cities where the company offers its Turbo rapid delivery service. On Rappi Turbo, it will be possible to order stickers and albums of the World Cup that will arrive in up to 10 minutes, Tijana Jankovic, CEO of Rappi in Brazil, told Bloomberg Línea.“

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The Turbo vertical is already very present in the lives of Brazilian fans, delivering cold drinks in 10 minutes on match days, for example. Now, we will also be present at the most important sports competition of the year. The coolest thing is that if the sticker you want so much is not in the package you just opened, in 10 minutes you can open another one and try your luck again. Customers who subscribe to the Rappi Prime program still have the advantage of not paying a delivery fee”, said Eric Dhaese, head of Rappi Turbo in Brazil, in a press statement.

For its part, rival service iFood said it is running a pilot of sticker deliveries in São Paulo, in Guarulhos, São Caetano, and Santo André with fast delivery within 15 minutes. The company is also considering expanding to other locations, which have not yet been defined.


iFood did not provide data on how many stickers have already been ordered through the application and said that the tests with stickers began this week.

Panini prices a pack of five stickers for 4 reais ($0.78), but through Rappi it’s possible to find a pack for about 6 reais ($1.17). At iFood, a pack of five stickers in some stores costs 7 reais ($1.37).

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Asked about the possibility of trading stickers through the app, Jankovic said that Rappi “is thinking about it”.


“It would be very powerful,” she said.

The companies are looking to retain and engage Brazilian customers, who, rather than going to the newsstand to buy stickers, can now look to digital means to do so.

“The idea is to meet a passion of Brazilians, which is the World Cup,” iFood said in a statement. “It is an opportunity to marry a national passion with the ultra convenient experience that fast deliveries offer.”