International trade


Joe Biden’s Trade Ambassador Says Traditional Agreements Created Problems

appearing before the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday

By Eric Martin
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Global Combustion Car Sales Won’t Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Spain Sees EU Closer than Ever to Unlocking Mercosur Trade Deal

US Lawmakers’ Concern Over Mexico Steel Rekindles Trump-Era Conflict


Mexico’s Economy Exceeds Forecast While Facing Headwinds, Inflation

US Lawmakers Urge Biden to Push Mexico, Canada to Reach USMCA’s Full Potential

US Trade Authorities Insist Mexico Must Change Its Position on GM Corn


New Mexico Wants to Facilitate More Trade as Texas Gets Tougher on the Border

Mexico’s Trade Deficit Surprisingly Spreads as Fuel Imports Surge

Rebuilding Ukraine Is the World’s Responsibility, Former Minister Says


Trudeau Weighs Auto-Content Rules as Next U.S. Trade Flashpoint

The World’s Shippers Are Earning the Most Money Since 2008

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