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The queen is immensely popular in Britain, but a younger generation is unlikely to look kindly on the crown as scandal engulfs her favorite son

We need to say loudly and clearly that teachers are essential workers, we need them physically present in classrooms, and we will not stand for walkouts

A Q&A with author Rajika Bhandari on why outdated immigration policies are harming America’s ability to attract and retain foreign students

Leftist Gabriel Boric has won the most polarized Chilean election in decades by edging toward the center. To govern, he’ll need a heavier dose of moderation.

Meeting people in virtual reality was fun but messier than Mark Zuckerberg’s vision. Also beware the foul-mouthed kids and the griefers.

Over nearly two years, as Covid-19 has kept people away from movie theaters and in front of their TVs, the economics of Hollywood have been transformed

Xiomara Castro, wife of the leader deposed in a 2009 coup, looks set to win Honduras’s presidential race. She may be a much-needed partner for Washington — if she can break with the past.