Why Is Latin America and the Caribbean the World’s Costliest Region for a Healthy Diet?

Latin America and the Caribbean is the region where a healthy diet is most expensive, at $3.89 per person per day in 2020, followed by Asia, according to the World Bank and Tufts University

Colombia, Honduras and Mexico Have Highest Indices of Child Poverty In Latin America

Children in the three countries are the most vulnerable to poverty in the region, according to reports by ECLAC and UNICEF

5 Economic Challenges Facing Latin America In 2023

The slowdown in global economic growth expected this year will have a negative impact on the region, which still has major issues to resolve

Number of Latin Americans Living in Poverty Expected to Surpass One-Third of Total

Around 170 million people live below the poverty line in 18 Latin American countries, around 25% of the total, with inflation and low economic growth expected to swell the figures


Row Erupts in Colombia Over Use of GM Crops Amid Need to Boost Food Production

Cayman Islands Courts Trade Links With Honduras

How ‘Tropical’ Quinoa Could Solve Bolivia’s Food Shortage

The World Doesn’t Need More Energy to End Poverty, Study Says

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