50 Women of Impact in Latin America 2022

Bloomberg Línea presents its list of the 50 women who are shaping Latin America’s road to a new era in business, finance, economy, sports, and the arts

50 Women Of Impact 2022.
By Bloomberg Línea
April 25, 2022 | 07:00 AM

Bloomberg Linea — Bloomberg Línea, Latin America’s leading financial and business news multiplatform, presents its list of 50 Women of Impact in Latin America. The selection showcases female personalities who, with their individual and collective efforts, are having a social, cultural, financial and representative impact beyond their business sectors.

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The choice of the women included was made by Bloomberg Línea’s team of journalists, highlighting 50 personalities from a variety of sectors in 14 countries: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, and Peru.

The list is not a ranking, but rather a showcase of game-changing women in the region, complementing the selections of Latin Americans published by Bloomberg Línea last year: 500 Most Influential in Latin America, and 100 Entrepreneurs of 2021.


50 Women of Impact in Latin America in 2022

In order to choose the names on the most recent list, the editorial team evaluated three main aspects: leadership, financial impact, and social influence. The women included, while still a minority in leadership positions in many large companies, show the strength they wield in their sectors in 2022.

After such challenging years as 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, this year began with an air of renewal and change, and with special emphasis on the advancement of vaccination against Covid-19 worldwide and the greater control of the disease by global science.

Given this scenario, the team of journalists from Bloomberg Línea prioritized women who stood out in their fields and went beyond them, impacting the business world and society, by producing wealth, creating jobs, fostering innovation and, above all, showing that female leadership can provide answers to many challenges in Latin America.


The selection includes executives from the finance, retail, technology, real estate, entertainment, music, and sports industries.

Among those showcased are Argentines such as Victoria Alonso Alonso (Marvel) and Paula Santilli (PepsiCo); from Brazil, Cristina Betts (Iguatemi) and actress Bruna Marquezine; from Colombia, Bibiana Taboada (Banco de la República) and actress Sofía Vergara; and from Mexico, Karla Bermann (SoftBank), Victoria Rodríguez Ceja (Banco de México) and youtuber Kimberly Loaiza, among many others.


This list is not intended to be a ranking, but rather a showcase of women who are changing the rules of the game in the region. For the selection of the candidates, three aspects were highlighted: Leadership; Financial Impact and Social Influence. All these characteristics highlight the importance of the incursion of women in areas such as finance, politics, business and arts.

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