Bloomberg Línea 500: the People Who Move Latin America

Marcelo Claure, Carlos García, Marcos Galperin, Adriana Cisneros, Carlos Slim, Marcela Noble, Luis Carlos Sarmiento, Jorge Paulo Lemann, Pedro Heilbron and Mauricio Ramos, among others, are in Bloomberg Línea’s first list.

LatAm's 500
By Bloomberg Línea
October 06, 2021 | 11:00 PM

Almost two months after its official launch, Bloomberg Línea presents Latin’s America 500, a list of people who move the region.

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“Our editorial team has researched and considered the most prominent figures in different industries to create this exclusive list that includes those whose influence creates recognizable impact in the region,” said Kaio Philipe, Chief Operating Officer of Bloomberg Línea.

The list, which the editors of Bloomberg Línea say is “a living entity” that will change as robust initiatives from new players emerge, includes some well-known names and emerging personalities from business and finance in Latin America.

Among the most relevant people are businessmen such as the Mexican billionare Carlos Slim (América Móvil, Mexico), representatives of business dynasties, such as Adriana Cisneros (Grupo Cisneros, Venezuela), and entrepreneurs who are beginning to making a name for themselves, such as Beatriz Fernández (Crepes & Waffles, Colombia) or Carlos García (Kavak, Mexico).


According to Toni Sciarretta and Alejandro Ángeles, News Directors for Portuguese and Spanish respectively at Bloomberg Línea, this is an initiative that will bring together business personalities who have established their influence either by themselves or by continuing their family legacies - as well as entrepreneurs who already stand out in their fields.

“It’s a collection of characters who are growing strong, others emerging and consolidating, and the new generation that includes founders of unicorn companies, a boom in Latam recently,” said Ángeles.

Almost two years after the first strain of news on a new virus that mutated into a pandemic and triggered the biggest economic, health, and social crisis in many decades, Bloomberg Línea newsroom spent several months researching, reporting and consolidating the list of Latin America’s 500.


“The selection involved editorial teams from each country in which Bloomberg Línea is present, with nominations from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, and the U.S. They were chosen under the premise that they are proud to represent Latin America and excel in their business or social arenas. The list aims to reinforce and value the efforts of individuals who contribute to the transformation of the region’s reality, traditionally marked by its economic and political challenges and difficulties,” said Bloomberg Línea’s editorial team.

“What they have in common is that they are all people who are not let down by the many difficulties and limitations of Latin America and who wake up every day willing to fight for better business conditions,” said Sciarretta.

The list includes Brazilians, such as the singer and entrepreneur Anitta; Gilberto Mautner, one of the founders of Locaweb; and Jean Jereissati, president of the Ambev group. From Mexico it includes Eugenio López, the heir to the Jumex and La Costeña food and drinks giants; Mónica Aspe, CEO of AT&T Mexico; and Myriam Cosío, from Clip. Argentina includes Miguel Galuccio, CEO of Vista Oil & Gas; and Verónica Marcelo, from Natura Argentina, as well as Lionel Messi. Also Simón Borrero, CEO of Rappi (Colombia), Bernardita Araya, from Chile’s Empresas CMPC, and Aimeé Sentmat, from Banistmo, Panama, are in the list.

“It is also enriched by other personalities ranging from billionaires to people who have efficiently achieved results in their fields,” said Ángeles.


More than 1 million users and multimedia plans

According to Kaio Philipe, in just a few weeks after its official launch in August 2021, Bloomberg Línea’s visitors amounted to over 1 million on its sites. And the new editorial brand reached another milestone: it surpassed 100,000 streams of the podcast “La Estrategia del Día” launched on September 2nd. According to the analytics tool Chartable, it quickly became the most-streamed News podcast in the charts in several countries in the region.

With this audience level and acceptance, says Philipe, the digital platform is preparing to launch new ventures, such as podcasts and videocasts, “The plans are to increase the multimedia assets and develop new products with relevant topics we understand audiences are craving around the Americas.”

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