Brazil, Argentina and Mexico Rank Highest in Latin America on ‘Nation Brands’ Index

The Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index, which ranks Germany as the world’s top ‘nation brand,’ shows that Russia’s reputation as a brand has been battered by its invasion of Ukraine

The view from the mountain where the Christ the Redeemer statue is located during its 90th anniversary in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021. Elected one of the seven wonders of the modern world, the statue celebrates its 90th anniversary as Brazil's most famous landmark. Photographer: Dado Galdieri/Bloomberg
November 14, 2022 | 11:37 AM

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Bogotá — While Europe largely dominates the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI), which ranks 60 nations with the strongest ‘country brand’ reputations, three Latin American countries are inside the top 40, led by Brazil.

The report, which has been published annually since 2008, compiles the perceptions of countries as ‘brands’, according to Ipsos, which co-compiles the ranking, and which take into account global perceptions of a nation’s identity, based on factors such as exports, governance, culture, standard of living, tourism, migration and investment.

“This year’s results remind us that chaos damages countries’ reputations and stability is rewarded,” said Ipsos CEO Ben Page regarding the most recent issue of the ranking.

Germany, with a score of 69.80, tops the ranking for the sixth consecutive year, and holds the record for the longest streak of consecutive first-place rankings,” according to Ipsos.


The country’s best performance was in the exports, immigration, investment and culture parameters.

Japan (scoring 69.53) is in second place, thanks to its scores in the export, tourism and culture indices, while Canada (69.52) slipped to third place for its performance in governance.

Next up are Italy (69.26), France (69.18), the United Kingdom (69.13), Switzerland (68.57), the United States (68.28), Sweden (68.10) and Australia (67.94).


In Latin America, Brazil ranks 27th, with a score of 59.29, followed by Argentina, which remains in 29th place with 58.48.

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Mexico is in 31st place with 57.51, having climbed four positions since the 2021 ranking; Peru is in 38th place, a climb of two points since 2021, with 55.85, Chile ranks 40th with 55.70, Ecuador 52nd, with 53.25, and Colombia is in 54th place, with a score of 52.88, a drop of two points from 2021.

Panama is ranked 49th, a two-point climb from 2021, and the Dominican Republic is in 50th place, a one-point drop from last year’s ranking.

The ranking shows that Russia’s reputation took a hit as a result of its invasion of Ukraine, falling from 27th place in 2021 to 58th in this year’s index, showing that it “has been punished for its war by world public opinion,” according to Ipsos.


Simon Anholt, who designed and launched the index in 2005, said: “as Russia’s image falls an unprecedented 31 places in the 2022 Nation Brand Index, here is further evidence that humanity simply will not tolerate conflict in the 21st century.”

“A collapse of this magnitude in a country’s national standing will cripple the ability of its businesses, its government and, above all, its people, to trade and engage with the international community. And it will do so more effectively than any economic sanction, for years, if not for generations to come,” he said.

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