Brazil’s Lula Announces More Cabinet Picks

The president-elect has named 16 more ministers to his cabinet, with 13 more to be named before he takes office on January 1

Alckmin, Brazil's vice president-elect, will take on the Trade and Industry portfolio in Lula's government
December 22, 2022 | 06:05 PM

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Bloomberg Línea — Brazil’s President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on Thursday revealed more of his cabinet picks, among them Vice President Geraldo Alckmin, who will take on the Trade and Industry portfolio, and Alexandre Padilha as institutional relations minister and Márcio França as the minister for ports and airports.

Lula named Luiz Marinho as minister of labor, Wellington Dias as minister of social development, Camilo Santana as minister of education and Nísia Trindade Lima as minister of health.

Lula’s government will have a total of 37 ministers, with the remaining 13 expected to be announced on Monday or Tuesday, before the government takes office on January 1.

“Keep your expectations alive, because anything could happen in the next few days,” Lula said.


Following the announcement of the 16 cabinet members, the real rose to 5.17 to the US dollar, while the Ibovespa stock index gained 0.20% to 107,645 points.

The ministers announced by Lula on Thursday are:

Geraldo Alckmin: Minister of Trade and Industry

Minister of Management and Innovation: Esther Dweck


Minister of Labor: Luiz Marinho

Minister of Social Development: Wellington Dias

Minister of Education: Camilo Santana

Minister of Health: Nísia Trindade Lima


General Secretariat of the Presidency: Márcio Macedo

Minister of Science and Technology: Luciana Santos

Minister of Institutional Relations: Alexandre Padilha


Minister of Ports and Airports: Márcio França

Minister of Human Rights: Silvio Almeida

Minister of Culture: Margareth Menezes

Minister of Racial Equality: Anielle Franco


Ministry of Women’s Affairs: Aparecida Gonçalves

Attorney General: Jorge Messias

Comptroller General: Vinicius Carvalho


Previously announced appointments:

Minister of Finance: Fernando Haddad

Civil House: Rui Costa

Minister of Justice and Public Security: Flávio Dino


Minister of Defense: José Múcio

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mauro Vieira

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