Foreign Direct Investment In Chile Hits Highest Level Since 2014

FDI in 2022 increased by 31% compared to the previous year, according to the central bank

Mining is a fundamental sector for the Chilean economy. Photographer: Cristobal Olivares/Bloomberg
March 21, 2023 | 07:47 PM

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Bloomberg Línea — Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Chile saw a year-on-year increase of 31% in 2022, totaling $20.86 billion, a figure that is 50% higher than the average of the last five-year period, and 46% higher than the average between the years 2003-2022, according to the central bank.

Of the total FDI, $8.85 billion corresponded to new capital contributions, while $10.77 billion corresponded to reinvestment of profits.

Investments from debt instruments totaled $1.23 billion.

Karla Flores, director of InvestChile, the government-s pro-investment agency, emphasized the contribution of foreign investment to the country’s economic recovery.

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“The figures not only confirm the confidence that foreign companies have in Chile, but more importantly, these numbers translate into more jobs, innovation and training. In short, more opportunities are generated to develop talent and improve the quality of life of Chilean men and women,” she said.

In addition, Flores highlighted the challenge of continuing to work on attracting investment in a complex global economic context, with 2023 expected to be a particularly difficult year for encouraging new investments.

In this sense, she said, InvestChile will focus on promoting opportunities in sectors of the future and of high value for the country, such as clean energy, technological infrastructure, agri-food innovation, circular economy and green hydrogen, among others.

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