Latin America’s 30 Best Restaurants for Doing Business

No private clubs or tedious rounds of golf: the best place to close a deal is a restaurant, and Latin America has some of the best in the world

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March 30, 2023 | 05:00 AM

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Bloomberg Línea — Negotiating or closing a deal in any of Latin America’s major cities involves several pleasures: the satisfaction of initiating or reaching a deal and the possibility of experiencing some of the world’s best cuisine in our own backyard.

And the fact is that Latin America is one of the regions most renowned for its cuisine and restaurants, from the casual dining establishment to those that enter the ranks of ‘haute cuisine’, as reflected in the rankings of the best restaurants in the world - this year there are 10 Latin American eateries among the “50 Best Restaurants in the World.”

“The gastronomic scene in the region brings to the table unbeatable venues for a successful business session,” Guillermo Ysusi, a certified beer cicerone in Mexico City, tells Bloomberg Línea.

“Whether it’s to celebrate, or even to conduct the business of your life, a restaurant offers an option that doesn’t have to be cold, but cozy, like everything we do in our countries,” he adds.


Latin America’s 30 Best Restaurants for Doing Business

The many gastronomic options in a region with dozens of thriving cities and countless executives and entrepreneurs looking to start a business or close a deal make it difficult to choose the best place.

Bloomberg Línea therefore set itself the challenge of proposing a list of the best restaurants to do business in Latin America.

According to Bloomberg Línea’s editorial board, the list was compiled after consulting with gourmands, cicerones and sommeliers on what points should be taken into account by those wishing to enjoy a business meal in Latin America’s financial and business capitals.


“This list is not intended to suggest restaurants in a region that provides some of the best gastronomic spots in the world, but only to point to a small sample of places where executives and entrepreneurs can sit down to enjoy delicious experiences and talk business,” said Bloomberg Línea’s editorial board.

Among the options are classics in some cities, such as Hacienda de los Morales, in Mexico City, Astrid y Gastón, in Lima, Leo, in Bogotá, La Tambouille, in São Paulo, and Ambrosía, in Santiago, among the 30 best restaurants for doing business in the region.

Bloomberg Linea also presents some options in Miami, often called the “capital of Latin America,” where many companies from the US house their LATAM headquarters.

“Miami is one of the business capitals of Latin America where, due to the recent arrival of migrants, both from the region and from cities like New York, it has become a very competitive sport to find good spots for business dining,” said Kaio Philipe, a Brazilian entrepreneur who immigrated to the city in 2017.


“The dining ecosystem here has grown in options, and diners can find restaurants that offer a recipe of flavor, location and charm for a good power lunch,” Philipe added. (Mr. Philipe is part of Falic Media, the media group that operates Bloomberg Línea).

Amilcar Olivares, a gastronomy expert and contributor to initiatives such as San Pellegrino’s Guide, says: “Latin America stands out for its gastronomy, and whoever sets up a restaurant must be aware that its offering will compete with places for those who want to be seen, for those who want to go unnoticed but want to eat and drink well, and tourists who want to experience local flavors in a better way”.

Based on the comments of the experts consulted by Bloomberg Línea in the region, a restaurant that wants to attract clientele in the very broad spectrum of ‘business’ must stand out in the following aspects:

  • Location
  • Menu and wine list
  • Chef’s qualifications
  • Privacy
  • Facilities (for events for groups or presentations)
  • An attractive mix (neither extremely local, but neither touristy nor trendy)
  • Alternative options (Vegan, gluten-free, etc)

With this in mind, and with attention to the palate, check out the best options to taste cuisines of the highest level and to close and celebrate that deal that took a while to come in: 30 Best Restaurants for Doing Business in Latin America.

Latin America’s 30 Best Restaurants for Doing Business