Venezuelan Opposition Parties Call for End to Juan Guaidó's Interim Government

Three parties, Un Nuevo Tiempo, Primero Justicia and Acción Democrática propose the elimination of the government due to a lack of results and strategies

Photographer: Carlos Becerra/Bloomberg
December 21, 2022 | 03:00 PM

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Caracas — Three of the four main opposition parties of Venezuela have announced that they will propose before the delegate commission of the National Assembly the elimination of the interim government headed by Juan Guaidó, due to the lack of results and strategies.

Representatives of Un Nuevo Tiempo, Primero Justicia and Acción Democrática participated in a press conference on Wednesday in which called for the elimination of all the structures of the government in charge, with the exception of those linked to the defense of assets abroad, as is the case of the board of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), which is in charge of Citgo.

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“The figure of the interim government does not help to achieve the objectives of the Venezuelan people (...) It cannot be that, with an increasingly weakened strategy that has not achieved the objectives, we can continue to perpetuate it”, said Alfonso Marquina, a member of PJ and spokesperson of the three parties.

He said the legislative proposal will be presented for review and subsequent vote in a plenary session of the National Assembly, which was elected in 2015, and where it is estimated that at least 83 deputies of the opposition-majority parliament will participate.

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Guaidó, as current president of the National Assembly, announced that the assembly’s next session will sit from January 5, and which has been endorsed by the three parties, and also called for an extraordinary session on Thursday, December 22, with the aim of discussing its continuity with a reform of the Statute for the Transition.

“Let’s manage realities. The objectives were not achieved, in four years if we have not understood that the objectives have not been achieved, and we are playing along with the government,” Marquina said. “Our real objective was to end Maduro’s dictatorship, and that was taken out of context for wanting to govern, and we have to open up to new strategies”, he added, inviting the rest of the leadership to join the proposal that will also be presented on Thursday.

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