Who Are the 179 Brazilians Among the 500 Most Influential People in Latin America?

Bloomberg Línea’s list aims to highlight individuals with the highest prominence in the region; this year’s edition includes businesspeople, investors, entrepreneurs, artists, and athletes

September 19, 2023 | 05:55 AM

Bloomberg Línea — In 2023, technology gained prominence worldwide amid the development of generative artificial intelligence (AI), while a trend towards greater preventive care and well-being drove evolution in the healthcare sector.

However, significant developments occurred in other sectors as well, such as finance, where a scenario of higher interest rates challenged activities like those of fintechs and the capital markets.

Bloomberg Línea’s list of the 500 Most Influential in Latin America aims to highlight individuals who have stood out the most in the region. The 2023 edition includes entrepreneurs, investors, entrepreneurs, artists, and athletes.

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The list spotlights 179 Brazilians (including foreigners working in the country) who drive business and serve as inspiration. It represents the largest contingent among all countries in the region, in line with the country’s status as the largest economy.


In the financial sector, the group features newcomers such as Alexandre Bettamio, who was appointed as the co-head of global Investment Banking at Bank of America in June, becoming the first Brazilian to reach such a position among the world’s largest banks.

Executives Alexandre Saigh, CEO of Pátria Investimentos, and Tarciana Medeiros, CEO of Banco do Brasil, also comprise the select group.

Among the newcomers in the group this year are executives who have excelled in their fields, whether in retail, such as Davide Marcovitch of LVMH, and Felipe Feistler of Shein, or in healthcare, such as Isabella Wanderley of Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of the popular medication Ozempic.


In the world of technology, the list acknowledges the work of executives like Márcio Aguiar of Nvidia, a company that gained prominence amid the frenzy surrounding AI, and Lidiane Jones, who assumed leadership of Slack, a part of the global giant Salesforce, at the beginning of the year.

The list also includes personalities from the beauty, media, and sports industries, such as entrepreneur and influencer Bruna Tavares and tennis player Bia Haddad, one of Brazil’s most prominent individual athletes. It also features influencers Casimiro and the podcast hosts of PodPah, Igão and Mítico.

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