Emerging markets

Global Central Banks’ Decisions Add Suspense to US Fed’s June 14 Announcement

Multiple rate decisions from India to Russia, Chinese trade and inflation numbers, other consumer-price reports from Turkey to Brazil, and testimony by the European Central Bank president will be among the highlights next week

JPMorgan Highlights Performance of Local Bonds in Emerging-Market Income Rally

Local debt has been the star performer among emerging-market bonds this year and its advantage over hard-currency notes is likely to persist, according to JPMorgan analysts

Buying Debt from Mexico, India Seen as Tool to Deal With Financial Stress, Pimco Says

Mexico benefits from strong remittances and stands to win big from plans by Tesla Inc. and other companies to build factories closer to US consumers, a trend known as nearshoring, says the firm

US Default Insurance Cost Eclipses Brazil, Mexico as Time Runs Out to Lift Borrowing Limit

Few investors doubt that the U.S. will make good on its debts


End May Be in Sight for Global Rate-Hike Cycle as Signs of Dents in Economic Growth Appear

Peaks in Global Rates Trigger Popular Emerging Market FX Trades

Inflation in US, Rates in Latin America Worry Economists at the Start of Q2

Andean Bond Meltdown Burns Investors in Bolivia, Ecuador

11 Charts to Dig the Global Economy: China Recovery Is Real, Energy Costs in Europe Hike


Emerging Market Era Faces More Headwinds After Rough Start

Colombia Pension Giant Protección Sees Bonds Extending Market-Beating Rally

Fed’s Preferred Inflation Index Seen Staying Elevated

Emerging, Distressed Markets Are Hurting Most from Rich-World Bank Turmoil

Emerging-Market Fear Gauge Mounts as Traders Contemplate Turmoil


A $13 Billion Plunge in Bond Sales Hints at Pain for Emerging Markets Credit

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