Top Global Investors See Emerging-Market Currencies on Cusp of Rally

Gains are being led by currencies in Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Colombia, as well as the Hungarian forint, Polish zloty and Indonesian rupiah.

Argentina’s Government Auctions Off Its Own Bonds to Curb Rise of Parallel Dollar

Rattled by the rise in cash and cash equivalents, public entities are selling bonds to drive down prices and attack the exchange rate parity

Weakening US Dollar Puts Colombian Peso Into World’s Top 3 for Appreciation

The currency has appreciated 3.88% so far this month, making it the only one in Latin America among the world’s three strongest

Argentina’s SMEs Call for Special Exchange Rate to Increase Exports, Competitiveness

Following the launch of the ‘agri-dollar’, the country’s small and medium-sized enterprises have called for a segment-specific exchange rate


Mexican Peso Seen Breaking the 18-to-US-Dollar Barrier This Week

Fast Slide of Mexico’s ‘Super Peso’ Highlights Test for Emerging Markets

Coinbase elige Brasil como uno de los mercados clave en su expansión global

FTX Collapse Undermines Confidence in Crypto, Ripio’s CEO Says

Derrumbe de FTX “es grave” y “remueve confianza”, dice CEO de exchange líder en LatAm


Argentina to Launch ‘Tech Dollar’, Mulls Flexible Exchange Rate for Freelancers

Which is Latin America’s Most Stable Currency?

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