US-Based Hispanics Among Bloomberg Línea’s 500 Most Influential

Thirteen personalities among the 500 most influential are US-based Hispanic entrepreneurs and executives whose influence is felt in Latin America

Photo: Mark Elias/Bloomberg
September 22, 2022 | 05:50 PM

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Bloomberg Línea — One year since its launch, the multimedia news platform Bloomberg Línea presents the second edition of Latin America’s 500 Most Influential, a list of personalities who move business, economy and finance in the region, as well as those who have launched important initiatives in a variety of areas.

The list, which is updated according to the performance of those selected, includes personalities in traditional business sectors as well as those who are setting a precedent in their areas of work.

View the list of Latin America’s 500 Most Influential here

This year, for the first time, Bloomberg Línea included on the list a number of Hispanic executives in the United States, and who head companies with a presence in Latin America, in sectors such as tech, finances and real estate, among others.

Among those featured are Carolina Jannicelli, who leads the Community Impact team at JPMorgan Chase and is part of the corporate advisory board of UnidosUS, one of the largest Latino civil rights protection groups in the US.

Carolina Jannicelli.

Also on the list is Enrique Lores, CEO of tech giant HP, who is taking the company into key lines of business such as mobile computing, the cloud and printing devices.

Enrique Lores.

Latin America’s 500 Most Influential this year also highlighted the work of Ileana Musa, managing director at Morgan Stanley. Musa has been recognized as one of the most influential women in finance, and is a prominent figure in initiatives that seek to promote women’s access to the financial world.

Ileana Musa

Jessica Alba is also one of the 500 Most Influential, and who heads a cosmetics business with annual revenues of more than $320 million: The Honest Company. Also on the list is Jorge Pérez, an Argentine who stands out for his work in Miami real estate, and who this year handed over the leadership of Related Group to his son Jon Paul.

Jessica Alba

This is the complete list of the Hispanic executives in the US who are included on the list of the 500 Most Influential in Latin America:

  1. Carolina Jannicelli - JP Morgan
  2. Claudia Romo Edelman . We’re All Human Foundation
  3. Enrique Lores - HP
  4. Esther Aguilera - LCDA
  5. Henry A. Fernández - MSCI
  6. Ileana Musa - Morgan Stanley
  7. Jessica Alba - The Honest Company
  8. Jorge Pérez - The Related Group
  9. Juan R. Luciano - ADM
  10. María Fernanda Mejía - Newell Brands
  11. Mauricio Claver-Carone - IBD
  12. Ramón Laguarta - PepsiCo
  13. Susan Seagal - AS/COA

How the list of Latin America’s 500 Most Influential Was Compiled

According to Bloomberg Línea’s editorial board, made up of the editors of the media platform residing in several countries of the region, the selection of the 500 personalities was carried out through a meticulous analysis of the most important initiatives carried out by entrepreneurs, executives, investors, researchers, public servants as well as celebrities who are driven beyond their artistic or sports activities.

The editorial team came to a consensus taking into account what is happening in the region, as well as trends in investments, public policies and activities to improve the region’s economic conditions.

As a sign of the times, the list reflects the diversity in Latin America, both of its people and initiatives, and the list is published to celebrate Bloomberg Línea’s first anniversary as a premium destination for business and finance content.

View the list of Latin America’s 500 Most Influential here