Eugenio Grandio

Mexico | Sr. Advisor Policy and Business Development for LATAM | Tesla

Eugenio Grandio (Universidad Anáhuac)
September 17, 2023 | 07:00 PM

Eugenio Grandio, a graduate of Anahuac University, was part of the Tesla Inc. executive team that negotiated the arrival of the electric car giant in Mexico. In direct contact with Elon Musk and Rohan Patel (the company’s director of business development), Grandio conducted much of the talks with Nuevo León and federal government officials. The result of his efforts is the announcement of the plant that Tesla is already setting up near Monterrey, one of the industrial capitals of the country. With an investment that could exceed US$5 billion, the plant will trigger a new era of electric vehicle supply and assembly in Mexico. Grandio is already working to build the supply chain for Tesla, which will include dozens of new and existing national and international companies.