Marcelo Mindlin

Argentina | Chairman | Pampa Energía

Fuente (Linkedin)
September 18, 2023 | 01:27 PM

Marcelo Mindlin is chairman of Pampa Energía, a company engaged in the production of gas, oil and electric power and also of Grupo Emes, a financial sector firm. He is also a shareholder of SACDE, a construction company, and Orígenes, an insurance company. Pampa Energía is one of the main electricity generators in Argentina and is involved in oil and gas production both in the Vaca Muerta formation and in other important basins in the country. This year, the energy company announced the purchase of Total Austral’s 45% stake in Rincón de Aranda, thus reaching 100% of a block in Vaca Muerta with concession for unconventional exploitation.